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We measure out our lives in coffee spoons.

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We blog about anything coffee related. Whether you are looking for a good coffee maker, or to find out about the well-researched benefits of coffee, you have come to the right place!

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Tasty Beans

Find out about the different beans around the world.

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Quality Drinks

We teach you how to make barista style coffee drinks.

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Perfect Machines

We show you the different coffee brewers.

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We are a small team of coffee aficionados and baristas from around the world.

Our mission with Coffee Dorks is to help people find the joy in the many varieties of coffee. We do so by writing fun to read blogs, reviewing various machines and grinders as well as making some instructional videos.

Meet the Dorks

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Alicia Boyde

Alicia Boyde

Coffee Aficionado

Anthony Parker

Anthony Parker

Head Barista

Jennifer Chapman

Jennifer Chapman


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