Are you one of those people who can’t get through a morning without a cup of coffee? Coffee shops offer many coffee drink options and if you’re not a coffee fanatic, choosing a caffeinated drink to spice up your day can be a little confusing.  Two of the most common fancy options are Americano and Latte. Let’s define these options and see what really goes down with these delicious drinks.

americano vs latte

Americano & Latte – How They Differ

Americano is a combination of two shots of espresso with water. While it appears so basic, it’s a lot more on a sensual level.

It’s a lot better than the regular black coffee you can get; it is not bitter, burned or sour. Basically, Americano is everything you love about drip coffee. It is delicious, relatively cheap and tastes exactly what a cup of coffee was meant to be.

Americanos are made of nice blended espresso grounds from various sources around the world. You can try, but you may not be able to taste all of them-since many brewers have their own Americano formulas.

If you want to make your own drink, you can opt for a bold espresso, with a bitter and tongue-burning taste that may overpower your senses. Whether you like it stiff or not, depends on how you want to unlock its taste with water. So, just dilute it to your desired taste.

Latte. It is the creamiest of the espresso options. It consists of a shot of espresso and around 2/3 cup of steamed milk. It is topped with a layer of foamed milk!

If you love the vibrant taste of fresh-brewed espresso and the soothing taste of warm milk–you’ll definitely enjoy every sip of a latte? But, that doesn’t end there. A lot of people love latte for their morning coffee drink – for health reasons. A cup of latte is packed with nutrients.  It delivers the essential nutrients of milk including calcium for stronger bones and protein for tissue and muscle repair.

The Perfect Americano at Home

Put around 3oz of espresso shot into a glass. You can add more for a stronger kick.  Next, pour around 3oz of hot water into your mug. Then, add the espresso shot into your mug. Stir and drink. That’s how simple it is. You can also pour the shot into the water, or vice versa.

How to Make a Latte

Making your own latte is easy, even without a good espresso machine because you simply have to pour the warm milk into your espresso.

Use a wide and shallow coffee cup where you would pour the espresso or coffee. Next, spoon as much milk foam as you want. There are many latte recipes you can try. For starters, you can add flavored extracts, nutmeg or cinnamon to your latte.

If you want to substitute strong brewed coffee for Americano or a latte, be your own barista. Try to make your own recipes and you’ll definitely enjoy a great kick-starter for the day.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is an Americano stronger than coffee?

An Americano contains one shot of espresso, so it will be the same strength as other one-shot espresso drinks, like a latte or cappuccino. A single shot of espresso (1oz) contains roughly the same amount of caffeine as 5oz of drip coffee.

Is an americano with milk a latte?

No, an americano contains one shot of espresso topped with boiling water. A latte is one shot of espresso, plus steamed milk and milk foam. Adding milk to your americano will simply make it a milky americano.

What has more caffeine latte or americano?

Both a latte and americano contain 1 shot of espresso, so they both have the same amount of caffeine (unless one has a double shot). Your americano might taste stronger because it doesn’t contain any milk, like the latte, which tends to dull the bitter and strong notes of coffee.