If you like coffee, there’s a good chance you’re a big fan of Nespresso too. Nestle, a branch of the Swiss Food and Drink Company, is coming out with new development and product designs every year for our beloved espresso-craving. It’s always great to see one of your favorite brands thriving, but the sheer volume of options when it comes to buying a Nespresso machine can be a tad overwhelming.

Believe it or not, the best Nespresso machine is not the most expensive one and it is definitely not the lowest priced one. But, regardless of the price, you want to avoid the headache of replacing a malfunctioning espresso machine within a month of purchasing it.

So we took it upon ourselves to test the wide range of Nespresso coffee machines in order to determine the best one in terms of quality, taste, and durability. Below you will find our ultimate buying guide and reviews for the 10 best Nespresso machines on the market today

Let’s dive right in!

Nespresso Machines Comparison
  • Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother included
  • 40 oz water tank
  • Comes with 12 Nespresso pods
  • Premium stainless steel design
  • Milk frother included
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Large tank (60 oz)
  • Five brew types
  • Best for iced coffee
  • 15 seconds heat up time
  • Milk frother included
  • 12 Vertuo capsules included
  • Lowest priced option
  • 25 seconds to reach hot water
  • Smart energy-saving mode

best nespresso machine

Why Buy A Nespresso Machine?

But what is it that makes Nespresso machines so appealing? What makes their coffee brewers and their capsules better than the rest? And, why is it so popular to use? There are a few reasons:

  • Speed – Nespresso is the quickest way to make espresso, even faster than instant coffee, no matter what that name suggests. Every Nespresso machine takes less than a minute to brew, so you’ll have your espresso shot, cappuccino, or regular coffee ready before you can finish scrolling through your Twitter feed.         
  • Variety – They also have up to 23 different types of flavors, roasts, and styles, so you’re almost guaranteed to find one that will fit with your lifestyle and coffee taste. Not to mention you get 16 free capsules as a trial when you buy a newer coffee and espresso machine.         
  • Compact – These coffee wonder-machines are mostly small enough to take up no more of your precious kitchen counter real estate than a large toaster would. Some additional space may be required for the capsule container.         
  • User-Friendly – Nespresso has made it exceedingly easy for their customers to use their top-notch machines. All you have to do is fill the water tank, toss in a capsule, press the button, and voila!
  • Adaptability – Most Nespresso models come with several different settings. So if you want a nice frothy cappuccino and your roommate wants their java coffee strong and dark, don’t worry, Nespresso will have the answer for you.

The 10 Best Nespresso Machine Reviews

1. Nespresso BNV250BLK1BUC1 Vertuo

We’ll start with our number one choice, the very best Nespresso machine you will find. This Nespresso Vertuo model uses only Vertuo compatible coffee capsules. Still, you can be sure that you’re getting a barista-grade level of coffee with every pour.

This Vertuo can also brew five different sizes and, thanks to Nespresso’s CentrifusionTM technology, you can be confident that the quality of your coffee will not waver. The barcode system ensures consistent results and can provide you with a perfect crema when you’re going for larger coffees.

This bundle comes complete with a removable 40-ounce water tank and the Aeroccino Milk Frother to get that perfect finish on your cappuccinos or lattes. The machine has a fast-heating system that warms your coffee in no more than 15 seconds, an energy-saving automatic shut-off feature after nine minutes of inactivity, and a Nespresso Vertuo welcome kit that includes 12 different capsules.


  • Comes with 12 unique pods
  • Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother included 
  • Quick turnaround time for your coffee    
  • Adaptability for different kinds of brews  
  • Automatic shut-off feature                      
  • Removable water tank for easy maintenance
  • Easy to use


  • Limited to Vertuo capsules

2. Nespresso Creatista Plus

This is the heavyweight of Nespresso machines, clearly portrayed by its higher price as well. Honestly, if the cost of this espresso machine is cut in half, it will easily overtake the number one position on our list. But, if you are in pursuit of the best and fastest way to make good espresso, then you should definitely consider spending the buck.

Forget about a bundle; this machine has a milk frother built right in. This innovative integrated frother offers eight different texture levels and a whopping 11 different milk temperature settings. Therefore, your coffee will never burn your tongue or come in lukewarm.

The Creatista machine also comes with the complimentary 16-capsule package and features a mammoth removable water tank that can hold up to 1.5L of water, alongside a steam wand with auto-purge capabilities. You’ll also be able to enjoy 19 bars of pressure, and a practically seamless cleaning process, along with a stainless steel milk jug that comes in the kit. Not to mention it can heat your brew in just three seconds. Yeah, you read that right, you’ll only have to wait three seconds for your coffee to hit the right temperature.

This state-of-the-art espresso machine also has a beneficial high-resolution TFT LCD that can assist you with all preparation, setting, and maintenance aspects. Coffee volume, mixture, and milk frothing temperature are all adjustable with the Creatista as well. You can create anything from a Ristretto, espresso, or Lungo, to more complex creations like flat whites, cappuccinos, and latte macchiatos.

Hands down the best machine by Nespresso, if you are looking to spend money. Is it an absolute must have if you brew one espresso shot every morning before work and quickly chug it? No, probably not. This is why, we did not place the Creatista Plus at the very top of our list. 


  • Integrated milk frother with eight texture levels and 11 milk temperature    settings
  • Great adjustability
  • Premium, robust design with classy stainless steel finish
  • Helpful high-resolution LCD to assist with the process
  • Three-second heat-up time means you’ll never be waiting for your coffee again
  • Huge 1.5L water tank
  • The water tank is also removable
  • Automatic, fast self-cleaning process
  • Easy to use machine


  • Twice as expensive as any other option on our list

3. Nespresso ENV150BM VertuoPlus

This is another machine that deals strictly with Nespresso-branded capsules, which is not ideal but also far from a deal-breaker. This model features the latest in coffee-making innovation from Nespresso and is still one of the more affordable options on our list.

The VertuoPlus machine features an all-new design with a modern color aesthetic. It comes complete with a robust motorized head, a 20-second heat-up time, and a hefty 60-ounce movable water reservoir that can swivel in or out. It gives a delicious brewed crema, which is equal or comparable to any local coffee shop. It is relatively small to other models and easy to use.


  • One of the cheapest options on our list
  • Large 60-ounce water reservoir
  • Adaptable to the five main brew types
  • Works great for any type of iced-coffee beverage
  • Modern and new color design     
  • Tank versatility to free up counter space


  • The tank is not fully removable which makes the machine tougher to maintain and clean
  • Limited to Nespresso-branded capsules

4. Nespresso by De’Longhi ENV135BAE

Another collaboration between Nespresso and De’Longhi, which is always welcome. This Nespresso machine has generously bundled with the fine Aeroccino Milk Frother as well as an assortment of complimentary capsules, all with their specific aroma profile.

While this one, like all Nespresso Vertuo models, is limited to their individual branded seeds, Nespresso makes as good a coffee capsule as there is out there, so that shouldn’t worry you. This machine is also great for any size of coffee beverage you need, on ice or not. Like most Nespresso machines, this espresso machine is very easy to use.

Any Joe shmoe could handle this. All you have to do is fill the water tank to the appropriate level, plop your chosen capsule in its slot, hit that single button, and you are in business. This model also comes with a 54-ounce water tank and a handy capsule container to boot.

This Nespresso offering also features an impressively minimal 15-second heat-up time, so with this one, your coffee machine will never be the reason you’re running late or short on time. It’ll always be ready for you nice and quick and with the same high-quality you expect.


  • Large 54-ounce tank  
  • 15-second heat-up time is one of the shortest times we’ve seen and the second fastest on our list       
  • The easy-to-use design makes it simple for anyone in the family to figure out how to get it working          
  • Useful capsule container so you don’t misplace or have your capsules scattered all over your kitchen space
  • Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother included, so you don’t just get the perfect espresso, but the perfect cappuccino or latte as well


  • The water tank is not removable       
  • A bit large will likely take up a big chunk of your kitchen counter space

5. Nespresso by De’Longhi EN80B

If you consider a lower price point, this Nespresso machine is the cheapest one on our list. That’s what we call a bargain. The sleek, midnight black design has a modern, minimalist feel that would fit well and blend in with any kitchen aesthetic you might have.

The water-tank holds just 24 ounces, but it can also dispense nine single-serve cups of coffee with that one tank, not to mention a smaller container means a smaller machine, which means your coffee-maker won’t be hogging all of your kitchen counter space.

This Inissia model offers automatic operation and Nespresso’s patented extraction system, which delivers up to 19 bars of high pressure. This will give you precisely the java boost you need, whenever you need it.

Your wait time with this one is 25 seconds, which is a bit more than some of the speedier options on our list but is still a pretty fast brew in the grand scheme of things. This machine also features a folding drip tray which opens it up to larger cup sizes and a wealth of new recipes, as well as adjustable cup sizes with two programmable espresso and lungo buttons.

NOTE: Some users have reported difficulties extracting the used Nespresso capsule. We, however, did not experience any such circumstances and tested 16 capsules with this espresso maker.


  • Comes with a package of unique pods to get you started    
  • Compact size doesn’t take up too much room on your counter       
  • Packs an impressive 19 bars of high pressure     
  • The cheapest option on our list         
  • Can brew nine cups with just one tank of water       
  • Excellent, sleek design that can go with any room aesthetic


  • Smaller 24-ounce tank
  • Longer heat-up time of 25 seconds   
  • Limited to two programmable cup sizes

6. Nespresso EN80BAE Milk Frother Bundle

Here we have another Nespresso Inissia offering made by the good folks over at De’Longhi. This one, like several of our others on this list, comes in a bundle with the coveted Aeroccino Milk Frother. This can give any cup of coffee that perfect milky froth that makes coffee taste a cut above the rest.

While the EN80B was the cheapest coffee machine out there, this is probably the most affordable machine + milk frother bundle you will find out there. You’re also getting a perfect barista-style brew every time with this machine, and it features the patented extraction system with 19 bars of pressure.

While it can only brew two sizes, the regular 1.35-ounce espresso, and the larger five-ounce Lungo, you can always count on getting a good cup of joe from both functions. It may not have all the bells and whistles on it. However, it gets the job done consistently and doesn’t take more than half a minute to heat up. It’s smaller than most models, which has it’s advantages and disadvantages as we know.


  • Sleek, black design that blends into any room
  • Milk frothing made easy with the Aeroccino 3
  • 19 bars of pressure from the patented extraction system
  • User-friendly single-button design so the everyday user can use it as well as the occasional one
  • Filling the 24-ounce water tank can provide you with nine cups without a refill
  • Very affordable bundle of frother and espresso machine that is hard to find on the marketplace


  • The 24-ounce water tank is smaller than most 
  • It offers a limited variety of cup sizes with just espresso and Lungo

7. Nespresso EN520SL Lattissima Plus

Another lovely De’Longhi effort, this model features Nespresso’s patented extraction process to get the perfect flow of water that you want. The milk frothing technology of the Lattisima+ also means that you can get a nice, velvety froth on your espresso beverage in a completely automated fashion.

The sliding drip tray built into the design also allows for many different cups or recipe sizes to be used with this machine. It also features four buttons that you can program to give you your favorite coffee and espresso beverages, as well as tweaking the milk/froth level in each.


  • Automated milk-frothing technology
  • Capable of brewing five different beverages (three milk, two coffee)
  • Automatic sleep mode after nine minutes of inactivity
  • 19 bars of pressure    
  • Sliding drip tray allows for versatility in cup or recipe size


  • It takes 40 seconds to heat up, which isn’t a long time, but seems that way when compared to some of our other options
  • Second-most expensive option on our list at $250

8. Nespresso by De’Longhi EN267BAE

If counter space if a real concern, this espresso maker is an excellent solution. It’s got a design that is both elegant and innovative and compact enough to fit in any type of urban kitchen arrangement. The design was so lovely that it won a Red Dot Design Award.

It also comes with two easy-to-use buttons for espresso or Lungo, which can also be customized based on your personal preferences. The fast heat-up system on this little guy is about 25 seconds, which is kind of the average for Nespresso’s coffee-making machines. The energy-saving automatic shut-off function can also help it in consuming up to 40% less energy than its competitors out there on the market.


  • Part of Nespresso’s environmentally-friendly Positive Cup initiative            
  • Saves energy with automatic shut-off function
  • Won a Red Dot Design award for its beautiful, modern look
  • Comes with 14 unique Nespresso capsules to help you determine what your favorite tastes, aromas, or flavors are


  • A bit expensive considering its compact size
  • Doesn’t offer as much versatility and adjustability as other models

9. Nespresso Essenza Mini (BEC220BLK1AUC1)

Our last option was pretty mini, but here we have the smallest Nespresso machine on the market today. Essenza Mini is made with a new curvy design that has rounded edges to leave an even smaller footprint on your counter. At just 5.1 pounds of weight, you can take this baby with you wherever you go. Because of its stature, its capacity for fun features is limited (20.3 oz water reservoir).

However, the Essenza Mini can still dispense an espresso and a Lungo just as good as the others in the same simple way: the push of a button. This model also has a low-energy function that kicks in after three minutes before the full energy-saving mode comes after nine.


  • Includes 16 complimentary Nespresso pods each with a distinct aroma profile
  • The low-energy function helps reduce energy usage even further
  • Compact design takes up very little counter space
  • Lightweight makes it easily transportable
  • Second-cheapest option on our list
  • Part of Nespresso’s Positive Cup initiative


  • Limited versatility for different brews
  • Has no milk-frothing capacity

10. Nespresso Pixie

Last but certainly not least, we have the Nespresso Pixie, which is as cute and small as its name makes it sound. It’s only 11 centimeters across, so you’re not giving up any valuable counter space with this one. It’s offered in a wide range of colors as well with two different finishes.

The Pixie features one-touch buttons with two cup capacities that can be reprogrammed for necessary tweaks to the recipe. A folding drip tray accommodates a bevy of different cup sizes, so espresso fiends and milk coffee lovers alike can enjoy this machine. It also comes equipped with an empty water-tank alert, and, of course, you’re also getting the standard 19 bar pressure and 25-second heat-up time as well.


  • The compact size makes it great for any urban kitchen design
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors
  • Simple, user-friendly design with single-button startup
  • Folding drip tray to accommodate different kinds of beverages


  • A little bit pricey for such a small machine
  • Only offers two different cup capacities (espresso and Lungo)

Why Is Nespresso So Successful?

Nespresso is truly a giant in the industry of home coffee-brewing and coffee capsules. It’s one of Nestle’s highest-selling brands, with consistent yearly revenue over $1 billion while serving products to thirsty consumers in 70 countries.

They remain one of the top espresso machine brands year-in and year-out because they know how to stay up to date with all the current trends in the industry. They know that more and more people are looking for organic food and drink that is harvested and processed in a humane, environmentally, and socially responsible manner.

Nespresso saw this and has responded with their line of four Professional Origins coffees, the last of which was sourced from Peru and just recently released in February 2020. This organic coffee from Peru, along with the other three from Guatemala, Brazil, and India, hails from carefully-selected regions within these countries.

The coffee is then cultivated, harvested, and processed according to methods endorsed by local farmers of the area. This is just one example of how the company stays ahead of the curve.

Ultimate Nespresso Machine Buyers’ Guide

Now that you know a little bit more about Nespresso and its fantastic coffee-machines and capsules, you are ready for an in-depth buyers guide. First, we will guide you on what exactly goes into the best Nespresso machines, such as the different models, functionality, capsules, as well as material composition.

Types of Nespresso Capsules

Nespresso’s wide range of coffee capsule options is so broad that it can become confusing. So, we’ve broken them down into four categories:

  • Espresso Capsules – This is Nespresso’s staple product, the one we all think of when it comes to espresso beverages. These Nespresso pods come in a variety of strengths and are more of a ‘short’ coffee. A few of the flavors you can expect from this line include Roma, Arpeggio, Ristretto, Livanto, and Volluto.
  • Pure Origine Nespresso Capsules – These are pretty similar to the Espresso capsules, but can be traced back to a single place of origin. The three flavors in this line are Indriya, Rosabaya, and Dulsao.
  • Lungos Capsules – This is more of a ‘long’ coffee that requires about twice the amount of hot water as espresso. The three flavors in this chain are called Frotissio Lungo, Vivalto Lungo, and Linizio Lungo. 
  • Decaffeinato Capsules – If you want a specialist Nespresso pods, these are the ones for you. The three different flavors, Decaffeinato Intenso, Decaffeinato, and Decaffeinato Lungo, vary by the intensity of taste.

Materials & Environmental Impact

More and more people are thinking about their ecological footprint when considering a purchase these days, and coffee and espresso drinkers are no different. Nespresso operates under an AAA Sustainable Quality Program as well as a recycling program.

Despite a rocky start for the recycling program, these initiatives are now helping to improve the overall sustainability of the coffee and espresso industry at large and reducing the negative environmental impact of the aluminum pods.

The recycling program is currently being overseen by the ‘Positive Cup’ program, which combines clear roadmap goals for cutting down the ecological impact and improving sustainability.

Different Lines

Nespresso has mostly broken down their coffee and espresso machine lines into two categories. The first of these is the well-known Original Nespresso Coffee Machine, and the other is the new Nespresso Vertuo.

Let’s dive into the credentials for both sides:

The Original Nespresso Machine

This is your classic Nespresso machine that offers simplified coffee brewing. These lines can usually brew two different sizes of cups of espresso using the same pod. It also provides a removable water tank to go with 19 bars of pressure to pulverize your espresso into precisely the cup of coffee that you need.

It generally costs less than $150, and you don’t even have to use Nespresso-branded capsules, which opens you up to a whole new world of different flavors and styles.

The Nespresso Vertuo Line

The newer, more modern Vertuo Nespresso machine offers a bit more advanced technology. Still, it is also more stringent in terms of capsules variety because it can only deal with Nespresso branded pods. The Nespresso capsules that work with the Vertuo line do come with several different sizes, though, based on whatever your need is and what type of espresso machine you’re dealing with.

These are generally priced at under $200, can handle all five different sizes of capsules, and can also usually serve as cappuccino and latte-makers as well. The different Nespresso capsule sizes determine the intensity of flavor, from espresso, to double espresso, to Gran Lungo (five ounces), to Alto XL (14 ounces), to straight-up coffee (7.77 ounces).

The Price Tag

Nespresso is not the most expensive machine you’ll find out on the market. However, they’re generally more expensive than other widely used coffee and espresso makers such as those sold by Keurig. However, Nespresso will usually give you a much better brew than those other brands.

They typically retail for under $200, and Nespresso is known to partner with very reputable manufacturers, so your extra cash is being spent on quality construction materials and designs. So if you’re looking for a more reliable coffee and espresso maker and don’t mind paying a few more bucks, Nespresso’s the way to go.

Closing Thoughts

We’ve now walked you through what makes Nespresso and it’s coffee-making machines so great. However, we’ve also given you a breakdown of the nitty-gritty details for each of the top ten best Nespresso machines out there right now. So now, it’s time for you to throw back a few espresso shots of your own and head out on your Nespresso machine-buying journey. Happy brewing!