CuisinArt SS-10 Premium Review

CuisinArt SS-10 Premium Review

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Over the years, CuisinArt have built themselves a solid name when it comes to kitchen appliances. The SS-10 Premium coffee brewer is yet another addition to their arsenal of well-thought and well-made appliances. While not perfect, this unit can certainly and consistently deliver a good cup of coffee.


  • Heats up & brews fast
  • K-Cup & ground coffee compatible
  • Excellent filter
  • Large water reservoir
  • Many cup size options
  • 3-year warranty


  • Puncture mechanism messes coffee inside machine
  • Plastic design
  • Lower brewing temperature

If you’re looking for a versatile single serve coffee maker, the Cuisinart SS-10 Premium is definitely worth a look. Because you can use both K-Cups and your own grounds, each coffee break can now be customized to your exact flavor preference of the day.

We tested out the SS-10 so we can share the good and bad with you. Here’s what we found.


Cuisinart SS-10 Premium Features

This is one of the more exciting single serve coffee makers on the market. Why exciting? Because of the many options, it provides.

Features include:

  • Programmable interface: Your specific coffee preferences are accommodated with many much-loved coffee maker features:
    • Adjust the temperature to what you prefer
    • Use automatic on/off features
    • Pick the drink size you want
  • Versatility: Apart from coffee, you can make other hot beverages fast because it provides hot water on demand.
  • Serving size: Decide which size serving you prefer. You can pick from five sizes between 4oz and 12oz.
  • Large reservoir: The large 72oz reservoir provides enough water for quite a few drinks, depending on your preferred drink size. It’s also removable, making it easy to fill up.
  • Energy saving: The auto-off kicks in according to your settings, saving energy if you forgot to switch it off.
  • Reusable filter cup: Brewing your own grounds is made easy with this reusable filter cup. Simply exchange it for the K-Cup holder. This cup has an allocated storage space on the side, so you can’t lose the small item.

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While the SS-10 does have some cool features, note that it is not an upgrade from previous models in all aspects. The reservoir is smaller than the Cuisinart SS7700’s and there’s no warning going off when it’s empty. So don’t forget to fill it up.

We love that you can add your own grounds to brew a customized cup, but note that this particular unit does not come with a built-in grinder. Even though, this feature is more common with espresso machines, it would still have been nice to see it in the SS-10 coffee maker.

SS-10 Performance & Functionality

We’re quite impressed with how quick we could taste our first cup. The unit will have you on your way quite quickly because it brews within 60 seconds. Because it’s a single cup coffee maker, you won’t have to wait for an entire carafe of coffee to brew first.


The SS-10 unit empowers you to make the perfect cup, no matter what you’re in the mood for:

  • It’s compatible with all K-Cups, so find your favorite and make sure you always have stock.
  • Grind or purchase your own grounds and enjoy the flavor by using the reusable filter cup.


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Cuisinart SS-10 Design

Though the machine looks extremely stylish with its silver finish, note that it’s made from plastic. It will, however, add a modern feel to any space thanks to the sleek design, striking blue LCD screen, anda transparent water reservoir.

Thanks to a practical layout you can easily reach all important components:

  • The water reservoir on the side, with no obstructions in the way so you can simply lift it out for filling.
  • The buttons on the front are big and clearly marked.
  • The brew filter is accessed from the top, so just make sure there’s enough clearance for the lid to open upward.


Because it’s only made of plastic, you can’t expect the machine to be as durable as some high-end machines made from metal

Firstly it tends to malfunction. Secondly, it also feels like a cheap machine because it’s so light and the buttons are made of rubber that can easily disintegrate. The lightweight means it can also easily be pushed over, causing damage or becoming a safety concern with small kids around.



Many factors determine the taste of coffee. If you don’t have distilled or filtered water on hand, this machine has got you covered. A charcoal water filter removes impurities from the water, which will enhance the eventual taste.

However, it seems the water doesn’t heat up optimally for all consumers’ preferences. While the lower temperatures ensure your coffee won’t ever taste burnt, it doesn’t draw out all the aroma from the grounds. Your coffee can taste too weak, especially in large sized cups.

Ease of Use

This machine is a combination of excellent and vexing features.

Most functions are managed via the menu on the LCD screen. Simply navigate to the desired option:

  • Temperature
  • Cup size
  • Auto-off timer
  • Clock

Then use the arrows to make your selection and pick default options. However, it’s programmed counter-intuitively, so pushing the right arrow moves selections to the left. This can be frustrating if you’re in a hurry, but in general, anyone should be able to operate the machine.

We love the one-touch buttons, though. They make brewing, getting hot water and rinsing quick & easy.

SS-10 Cleaning/Maintenance

All it takes is a button. If you don’t like the tedious task of regularly rinsing coffee maker components, this machine will make you smile. Pressing the ‘RINSE’ button initiates a cleaning process of the brew chamber, without any additional effort from you. If you want to remove a certain flavor of a previous K-Cup before you try a different one, this function comes in very handy.

Most parts are removable, so when it’s time for cleaning, it’s an easy process:

  • The reservoir can be removed and hand washed.
  • The charcoal filter holder easily lifts out for replacement.
  • The filter cup and K-Cup holder can be removed.
  • The drip tray can be taken out and even machine washed.

Final Thoughts

Owners love the Cuisinart SS-10 because it can brew any cup of coffee you want and because it’s quick. Alternative Cuisinart models can be faster, deliver a hotter coffee and have more features, but this is still an excellent appliance. With its relatively large reservoir, it’s practical whether you’re shopping for home or office.

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