descale keurig without vinegar

Mastering how to descale a Keurig is critical towards keeping one of your hardest-working appliances in the kitchen in tip-top shape for as many years as possible. Descaling definitely helps in ridding of mold and build-up in your Keurig coffee maker.

Vinegar is one of the best products for cleaning a Keurig coffee maker. This is because it consists of about 10% acetic acid which makes it a tough cleaner that breaks down build-ups. The downside is that you will be forced to bear the smell of vinegar that tends to linger.

So, what are the alternatives if you don’t want the lingering taste of vinegar?

Citric Acid and Water

You need 1-2 tablespoons of citric acid for every 1 liter of water. Citric acid is found in the canning section of most grocery stores although it could also come under the “sour soda” label. With a spoon, stir well to mix the water and the citric acid. The solution dissolves any build-up of limescale inside your machine.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural and pure cleaning agent which is also non-toxic. Because of the mild Alkali, it makes a great dirt and grease remover. It’s commonly used for cleaning basic coffee equipment because of its effectiveness. The challenge is when your equipment already has a residue build-up inside for you are actually adding more when you use a baking soda solution.


Yes, bleach can be used for cleaning your Keurig coffee maker but with caution. Bleach is a highly corrosive substance and shouldn’t be used excessively otherwise it could damage your equipment. It should never be used directly in your coffee maker.

Using Lemon Juice

The best way of cleaning your Keurig without vinegar is with lemon juice. While it contains the same level of acidity like vinegar, lemon juice doesn’t leave itself behind in your Keurig. You either can use freshly squeezed juice squeezed or the packaged juice from the grocery store.

Lemons are not loaded with extra sugars while their high acidity kills bacteria and loosens up the build-up of mineral deposits. Lemon juice, unfortunately, is pricier compared to the other options described above.

Descaling a Keurig gets rid of scale and lime build-up and keeps it running efficiently. Of course, you can also use the pricier commercial descalers and cleaners for more effect. After all, who wants anything coming between them and their cup of Joe!