Coffee creamers, even the ‘non-dairy’ versions go bad. How long does it last? Let’s find out.

Are there different types of coffee creamers?

There are powdered coffee creamers that will keep in the pantry for at least two months after opening and liquid creamers that will only keep for 14 days when stored in a fridge.

Here are factors that influence the shelf life of coffee creamers:

Processing method: Liquid non-dairy creamers keep longer than milk or cream. In the same way, powdered non-dairy cream lasts longer than powdered creamers too. So, it is best to always refrigerate and seal liquid creamers tightly upon opening. Once opened, powdered dreamers must be tightly sealed and stored in a dry and cool spot.

Expiration: Most creamers carry a “use by date” or “best before”, so it is important to consume it on or before the actual product expiration date. While those labels do not really refer to its expiration date but to the manufacturer’s estimate of how long your creamer will maintain its peak quality, still it is good to keep safe. But, you can still use powdered non-dairy creamer after the “expiration” date as long as it is properly stored and the package is still intact

Storage: You can store a powdered coffee creamer in the pantry. In case, you opened it, you can also store it in an open container, but remember that you have to consume it as soon as you can. It is because the powdered cream usually clumps together when exposed to air. The bacteria may also inhabit the powdered milk when stored in places with moisture. So, make sure the container is sealed and stored in a dry and cool place and away from moisture heat and light.

Even non-dairy products are still derived from milk proteins with zero lactose. They do not contain cream or lactose, but they are still milk product

Heat exposure: Prolonged exposure to heat will lead to curdling of milk. It may also encourage bacterial growth, and result in increased acidity, bad odor, and sour taste.

So, does a liquid coffee creamer go bad? Definitely, yes! So, consume it before it goes stale and loses the flavor that you are looking for!