double brewed coffee

One unique flavor that is increasingly becoming popular is double brewed coffee. If you are tired of watered down, weak iced coffee, or feel the need for that extra kick from caffeine, then what you need is double brewed coffee.

Because this coffee typically contains higher levels of caffeine, it can shock the body and some people may not find the experience too comfortable. If you happen to be sensitive to caffeine, taking double brewed coffee could end up being too strong for your system.

However, on the days when you really feel the need to get a coffee-flavored kick, go for this powerful drink. The side effects are largely due to a caffeine rush into the system.

Why Try Doble Brewed Coffee?

The truth is that double brewed coffee is similar to your typical coffee only much stronger. It can either mean coffee brewed twice or coffee brewed with double the amount of coffee grounds.

The flipside is that if not brewed correctly, you might end up with undesirable flavors such as excessive bitterness. The flavor of your double brew coffee can vary widely, depending on the way to decide to prepare it. Some people like throwing in spices such as cardamom into the coffee grounds to make the drink more interesting.

More Caffeine Per Cup

Whether you opt to use twice the amount of grounds or brew twice, the goal of double brewing is to get stronger coffee. If mornings are not your best times or feel that you need some extra energy boost for a night shift or late-night study session, double brewed coffee has you covered.

However, for some individuals, the caffeine boost may become too whelming. They might find themselves becoming jittery and irritable with such big doses of caffeine being suddenly injected into their body.

More Concentrated Flavor

Because double brewed coffee comes with a more concentrated flavor, it is perfect when you want to mix specialty beverages or for iced coffee. It makes an awesome base for a powerful cup of iced cup of Joe if you hadn’t planned ahead or if an espresso machine is not available.

Since the coffee flavor is not just stronger but more concentrated, you can comfortably add ice to your cup of Joe without having to worry that the ice will dilute the strength to the point of having a tasteless drink. Even adding a shot of milk won’t affect your drink as it will still taste strong just like you love.

Making Double Brewed Coffee

Brewing coffee twice requires due care as you can easily mess up. It can become a lot more finicky after you are done with the preparation. If, for example, you brew it excessively or overheat the coffee, it might bring out a flavor that is rather bitter. Yes, your coffee will certainly be stronger but may not be as good tasting.

Drip and French Press

The Drip and French press techniques of making a double brewed cup of Joe are probably the best. It brings out the most balanced coffee taste without any weirdness or unnecessary bitterness. You can check our lists of recommended drip coffee makers and reliable French presses if you feel comfortable with these brewing methods.

Besides also being safe for your coffee brewing equipment, double-brew made with either of these methods gives a rich and velvety drink that is pretty strong yet not pungent.


You can make double brew coffee using a percolator. This may, however, leave grit in the final product. Besides that, the already-saturated coffee may cause excess coffee grounds to circulate, finally ending up in your finished drink.

You can also use a standard coffee drip machine when you want to use already-brewed coffee. If the drip machine allows water temperature control in the pot, bring the brew to about 200 Fahrenheit. Water that is too hot tends to burn your coffee and it may leave a sour taste behind.

Final Thoughts

Generally, double brewed coffee is not for the weak-hearted. The caffeine punch is powerful and the flavor incredibly intense. For a person who is not a seasoned drinker, its best to take this type of coffee in small amounts.

Remember, we are all different and our tastes differ. Experiment with different water-to-coffee ratios to find your balance. Continue making small changes until you have that perfect cup of double brew coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can you brew the same coffee twice?

Technically, yes you can reuse the grounds to make a second cup of coffee however it’s rarely worth it as the second cup will have very little caffeine, antioxidants or even flavour compared to the first. It’s better to compost your used grinds and scoop some fresh coffee for your next cup.