Gaggia Brera Review

Gaggia Brera Review

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Gaggia Brera is a fully equipped super-automatic espresso machine that will consistently deliver aromatic espresso. It is simple to use, yet it comes with a wide range of programmable features.


  • Built-in grinder
  • Bypass doser
  • Rapid steam technology
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great design


  • Expensive
  • Long rinse cycle
Specs & Features
Width10 inches
Depth12.4 inches
Height17.5 inches
Product Weight (lbs.)18.7
Boiler MaterialStainless Steel-lined Aluminum
Boiler TypeThermoblock
Boiler DesignSingle-Boiler/Dual-Use
MaterialStainless Steel / Plastic
Reservoir Capacity40 oz
Steam WantPanarello

The Gaggia Brera is made by Philips and has a much boxier style than most other models on the market but is actually pretty compact and built for functionality above all else.

The Brera semi-automatic espresso maker is billed as an easy-to-use machine with a design tailored for user convenience. Unlike many other machines, you can access everything you need to from the front making using, maintaining and cleaning the machine extremely simple.

You can choose to run it on the pre-set setting or customize them as you like – users say that it is a great starter machine that can transition with you when your skills become more advanced.

In terms of price, it comes in on the more affordable side, but can it deliver the kind of coffee you love drinking? Is it really as simple to use as is claimed? In this post, we will investigate that.

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This is clearly a functional design. The machine performs well and delivers consistently good results. You can change the settings to suit your needs very simply. The strength of the coffee and its aroma can be adjusted, and you can also make changes to the water levels.

The system will work out the ideal amount of grinds to use through the use of the Gaggia Adapting System.


This is a contemporary design with straight and simple lines. The stainless-steel panel on the front of the machine lends an air of sophistication. You can choose to have the sides in silver or black as you like.

The best feature of this machine is the high level of customization that is possible. You can choose to use beans or pre-ground coffee as you prefer making it easier to whip up specialty items like decaf. The bypass doser ensure that the pre-ground coffee is delivered perfectly as well.

The Panarello wand is simple to adjust and allows you to whip up a froth in seconds. The machine makes use of technology to heat up in seconds, ensuring that you can steam your milk quickly and efficiently without having to wait around for ages.


You can store your beans directly in the hopper. It has been made airtight and also UV-proof in order to keep the beans as fresh as possible.

The grinder is somewhat unique in that it is ceramic. This helps to reduce the transfer of heat and ensure that the consistency of the grounds is better.

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The smart system is able to adjust the grind speed and time to suit the type of beans you have. This means that it doesn’t matter whether you use dark roasted beans or light ones. All you need to do is to program in the correct bean type, and the Gaggia will do the rest.

The boiler is made of stainless-steel for maximum durability, and temperature control and the water is pumped through using 15 bars of pressure.

The dispenser is adjustable allowing you to use different sizes when it comes to your mugs or cups. You get to dispense the coffee directly, even when not using standard cup sizes.

The water tank carries around 40 ounces of liquid, and you can opt to invest in a water filtration system such as the Mavea Intenza to filter out impurities and prevent the accumulation of limescale. This is an extra expense, but it will make your machine last longer.

Ease of Use

With simple buttons and a very clear LED display, it is hard to get things wrong with this machine. You select the settings that suit you and the machine take it from there.

You can make the process as elaborate or as simple as you like. The Brera can be programmed with your own set of preferences so that you get a customized coffee every time you use it. Alternatively, change up the settings every time you use it or chose the preset options.


The wand on the front of the machine is easy to adjust so you are not as limited when it comes to the size of the milk container you use.

Cleaning is simple enough – the drip tray comes off easily and cleans up nicely. The solid, simple construction makes cleaning the machine even easier – there are fewer nooks and crannies to have to reach, and everything can be accessed from the front.

Whenever the machine is turned on or off, it runs a self-cleaning cycle. This flushes the system and ensures that it will last longer.


If you use a manual espresso maker, you are bound to get a slightly better flavor, but the results here are comparable. If you are starting out with brewing your own coffee, this is an excellent model, to begin with.

The range of customizable options means that you can adjust the settings almost as much as you would be able to with a manual machine. The advantage here is that it is a lot simpler and cleaner. Once you find the perfect settings, you can program them in, and this is a huge advantage.

So, after all, that, is this the right machine for you? It certainly offers an excellent range of features in one compact, good-looking little package. It looks good, performs well and produces excellent coffee. There’s not a lot more that you really need.


If you are a coffee buff, the great thing about this machine is that you can make a range of specialty coffees and tailor them to your own tastes. As you get better at making espresso, you can branch off into other types of coffees as well.

Is this the ultimate coffee-making machine? If we were really trying to nitpick, no. For that to be the case, you would need to add in a lot more customizable options. Does it offer good value for money?

There’s no question that it does. The range of features and level of quality are on par with the price point. The designers of this model seem to be all in it for the coffee, and that can only be great for a coffee buff.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a better price performance than Gaggia Brera for the price?

Brera is a great choice for a superauto espresso machine. It is a top choice, and if the espresso isn't turning the way you want it, you should consider a grinder and better quality beans.

Would buying a good grinder make better coffee with Gaggia Brera

Yes, most definitely.