Hamilton Beach 49980A Review

Hamilton Beach 49980A Review

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This particular Hamilton Beach (49980A) model is quite flexible. It operates with ground coffee as well as pods, and it is capable of brewing entire carafe (12 cups) or a single serve drink. In terms of taste, it is quite average due to the coffee maker's inability to maintain proper temperature during the brew.


  • Coffee strength settings
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Quick brewing
  • Stainless steel durable parts


  • No temperature control
  • Hard to clean
  • Not compatible with k-cups & pods

The Hamilton Beach 49980A is compact, simple to operate, and capable of delivering single serve or full pot coffee brews. In addition, you can choose between ground coffee or pods.

As every coffee enthusiast, I believe there are only a few things better than a good cup of coffee ( I will not name them here). But, as I found out, you don’t need to be a world-class barista to get that exquisite taste we are all looking for when we pour ourselves a cup of freshly brewed coffee. You just need the new Hamilton Beach 49980A coffee brewer to enjoy that cup to the last drop from the comfort of your home.


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Hamilton Beach 49980A Performance

The Hamilton Beach brewer has a lot of functionality, making it an excellent choice for your home coffee brewing system. This coffee maker offers a 2-way brewing technology that can be used to brew a 12 cup pot or a single serve cup using ground coffee or a pod, which makes it perfect for any occasion.

One thing that I sure enjoy about this machine, because I am definitely not a morning person, is its drip coffee system. I can enjoy those extra minutes of sleep in the morning since I can prepare and program it well in advance (the night before).

Both the single cup side and the carafe side can be programmed separately. You just have to fill in the water, add the required quantity of coffee grounds and program it. Next morning, a nice hot cup of coffee will wait for you to wake you up.

There is another option which makes the Hamilton Beach 49980A coffee maker stand out. The pause option allows you to enjoy a coffee during the brewing cycle. No more waiting until the cycle is complete.

And for those who completely forget about their coffee brewer once they get their flavored cup from it, this 2-way coffee machine shuts itself off automatically after two hours. This means that the coffee brewer will consume less energy than standard brewing systems, allowing you to save power and money.


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Brewing a cup of coffee with this machine can produce a very strong and rich taste. My wife’s system for rating coffee is a simple one – if she does not want to add sugar to it, it means that the coffee is extraordinary and she wants to feel its full-bodied taste, without changing anything.

I have not seen my wife add an ounce of sugar to the coffee ever since we started using this Hamilton Beach brewer at home. But, do not let this be the measuring stick for anything here.

If you are looking for more flexibility in terms of brewing options, you can check out the Hamilton Beach Flex Brew. Especially, if you like using K-cups and pods.

Another great thing about Hamilton Beach 49980A is that it offers large flexibility to decide on the type of coffee to brew each morning. The system allows the use of k-cups or reusable k-cups, increasing the variety of coffee options you have.

The brewing temperature of this Hamilton unit is around 170° F. This, no doubt, falls short of the ideal temperature of 195-205° F. As a result, premium and non-premium roast appear to taste the same. This is rather disappointing, but certainly not unexpected considering the price range of this coffee maker.

*Be careful not to overfill the coffee filter. The extra coffee will not add to the flavor, but it may cause leakage and also impair the specially designed flavor extraction process.

**The filter has a min fill line (lower line) for making 8 oz. (250ml) of coffee and a max fill line (higher level) for making 14 oz. (410 ml).

Compact and elegant design


The Hamilton Beach 49980A coffee brewer is made of stainless steel and plastic and it has a sophisticated-enough look so that you will not have to hide it behind other kitchen appliances. The drip coffee machine’s carafe side water reservoir is very large and has clear level markings. Also, the single cup side reservoir has a standard size for an easy one-time filling.

The engineering department behind the design of this model, have thought of almost every usability aspect. On the single server side, you find a multilevel cup adjuster that can accommodate different sized cups. This 24-hour programmable drip coffee maker has a clear control panel and displays that make programming it very easy for anyone.

Hamilton Beach Distinct features

This reasonably priced drip coffee machine has some great features including:

  • Two distinct ways to brew
  • Two water tanks
  • A brew strength selector
  • Single-serve side has an adjustable drip tray
  • Single-serve side has a built-in mesh basket filter
  • It is programmable
  • Automatically shuts off

Ease of use

I don’t know about you, but I am a klutz most of the times. This is why it’s important to me to have an easy-to-use appliance and the Hamilton Beach 49980A is amazingly user-friendly. You just have to add the coffee and water to the selected side, push the selector button and select if you want your coffee to be regular or bold. It is as simple as that.


Cleaning and maintenance

This affordable drip coffee maker requires low maintenance and it is really easy to clean. The filters can be removed directly by pulling them out and they can be washed under the tap. It is also possible to clean the filter and filter basket using a dishwasher. In addition to this, you have the option of brewing a single cup and you will not have to clean a large coffee pot every time.

Is this machine good for you?

The Hamilton Beach 49980A is packed with a lot of useful features, it is extremely versatile, has a functional and elegant design, and all of that at a reasonable price. This machine lets you obtain the perfect balance between brewing an authentic ground-bean coffee and a flavored pod coffee. It is also on our list of best coffee makers for under $100.

The two-way brewing option is very convenient and you are not obligated to use only cups and pods. You can use any type of coffee, cocoa, or tea, making it the ideal companion for your morning times.

It is reasonably priced, but it will certainly not brew the best coffee you have ever tasted.

The fact that it cannot maintain the right temperature, makes this coffee maker quite average when it comes to taste. But, if you like your coffee with sugar and milk, then you will likely not be able to tell the difference. In this case, there are some great features that this Hamilton comes equipped with. These options can certainly make this model worth buying.

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