Hario Skerton has been a top name among the top manual coffee grinders for years. Their original model of the Hario Skerton Coffee Grinder was top of the market for a long time, followed later by the Hario Skerton Plus.

Just last year, Hario Skerton released an updated version that combines the best of the original and the Plus to make one of the best hand coffee grinders around: the Hario Skerton Pro.

Hario Skerton Features and Functionality

  • Width: 6.5 inches
  • Depth: 4 inches
  • Height: 6.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Dosing options: No
  • Burr diameter: 39mm
  • Grinder style: Burr – Conical Ceramic

hario skerton review

The features of the Hario Skerton Pro are either straight from the original or updated to be even better than before.

  • Silicon Grip – Upgraded from the original grinder, the silicon grip on the Pro is much wider and easier to hold while grinding, offering a much more stable grinding experience.
  • Reinforced Handle – Just like the original handle, this is a solid cast hexagonal grinder handle. Those who’ve used the original and the new Pro version have said that the handle on the Pro is much sturdier and more secure than it was before. It easily locks into place and provides smooth cranking.
  • Burr Stabilizers – Inside the grinder, underneath the burrs, are springs that serve as burr stabilizers which help when you’re grinding on the coarsest level by keeping the grinding as consistent as possible. The original version didn’t have this feature, so the grinds were always inconsistent, especially on the coarser grind levels.
  • Stepped Grind Adjust – The grind adjust on the original Hario Skerton was difficult and complicated to use, and hard to judge if you were on the right setting or not, which took a lot of guesswork. For the Pro, Hario Skerton borrowed the grind adjust from the Hario Mini Mill. It’s located just below the burs for easy access, and each level results in a slight “click” so you know how many levels up or down you go.
  • Standard Threads – The top of the grinding apparatus has standard threads, so it’s compatible with regular Mason Ball jars. This can be great if you want to grind a bunch of coffee ahead of time and store for later. You can even combine it with a vacuum sealer, so your freshly ground coffee stays fresh. This is also a neat feature if something happens to the original base of the grinder. Just replace with a mason jar.

Skerton Pro Design

Hario Skerton have always excelled when it comes to the design of their products. They don’t want their products to just work, but to look good at the same time.

Unfortunately, some of the design features in the original manual grinder had a few flaws. It wasn’t very sturdy, and there was a lot of wobbles when grinding, which created inconsistent grounds. And the handle was difficult to use.

After receiving much feedback complaining about the issues with the original design, Hario Skerton set out to make an even better grinder. The first step in that process was the Plus, which introduced a stabilizing plate.

The Plus model, although efficient, was still lacking, so they eventually came out with the Pro, which easily tops both of the previous versions by including the stabilizer springs, and the improved grind adjuster.

The grinder looks much more elegant and stylish than the original version, especially with the clear plastic cover as opposed to the black silicon cover it had before. With it, you can not only watch the beans being ground, but it locks into place much easier and offers a much more secure fit.

Again, this version is a little wider than before, so it’s easier to hold while grinding. But you can also set it on the table, and the silicon bottom will help keep the grinder in place while you crank the handle.

Hario Skerton Pros/Cons


  • Much more consistent: Due to the burr stabilizers, updates grind adjuster and a more stable handle, the Pro provides a much more consistent grind no matter what level you prefer.
  • Affordable: It does come at a higher price point than the original and Plus versions, but it’s still very affordable when compared to other manual grinders of similar or higher quality.
  • Fast: Depending, of course, on your grind setting and how much coffee you’re grinding, it should take you an average of 1 to 1.5 minutes to grind your beans. More if you’re grinding for espresso.
  • Great for travel: This manual grinder is a great size for traveling or camping. Since it’ll fit perfectly on any standard mason jar, you can leave the base it comes with at home, and use mason jars instead.


  • Slight French press consistency issue: Possibly the only con associated with the Hario Skerton Pro grinder. Although the grind consistency has been greatly improved overall, the setting for the French press could possibly still produce too many fines and sediment. That said, it is still much better than in the original, or even the Plus version.


Our Verdict? This is a great coffee grinder. It’s simple, elegant design provides quality grinding that is consistent and easy to use, and can be purchased on any budget.

It’ll be perfect for everyday grinding, or you can take it on the road when traveling. And since it is manually powered, you don’t have to be concerned about finding a place to plug it in.

It grinds fast and consistently, so you’ll have perfectly ground coffee in under a minute and a half easily, depending on what brewing method you’ll be using.

It’s new design also makes it more stable, and you can still get it at a very affordable price, good for any coffee enthusiast on a budget. Beginners will find it very easy to use, while those more experienced will enjoy the simple yet sturdy design and quality performance.

Overall, if you’re looking for a new manual grinder, you can’t go wrong with the Hario Skerton Pro. Be sure to give it a try, then come back and let us know what you think.

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