how to make espresso with a keurig

You cannot make an authentic espresso brew with Keurig, despite what some single serve coffee maker lovers claim! You need a good amount of pressure from a below average espresso machine to produce this delicious cup of coffee. The closest you can get is a macchiato or just a small strong coffee.

No Pressure, No Espresso

The thing about espresso is that it is made using high pressure during the quick extraction of your finely ground coffee.  Simply put, you have to extract the beverage through coffee grounds under water pressure; it is not made through a simple infusion. What sets it apart is the pressure during the brewing process and not so much the temperature, the quality of ground coffee or even the roast.

If you’re serious about enjoying this delicious beverage, just get a high-quality espresso machine and pour in top quality ground coffee, or probably some fresh roasted beans for a good caffeine kick.

What is Keurig?

It is best described as a single serve coffee machine which has become a household name for its ability to pump out coffee while you’re busy working on other things.

It is also commonly found in offices where people appreciate decent tasting hot coffee that is delivered fast. Their machines are easy to use, reliable and low maintenance; no wonder why they have become a staple in working areas. Aside from convenience, the company offers a wide variety of K-cups.

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But, if you’re truly determined about making espresso with your Keurig, here are some steps that you can try; though it won’t taste as good as the true espresso.

  • Pour fresh and clean water in the jug (Keurig) and heat it to 200 Fahrenheit degree to extract the rich flavor of coffee grounds. Remember that the water is the solvent, and its temperature affects how much it can extract from your favorite coffee. The ideal brewing temperature is between 195 and 205 F.
  • Use the one-two brew ratio; that means for every six ounces of water, you have to put around 1-2 tablespoons of coffee beans. Pour it into your portafilter.
  • After the brewing process, put the portafilter back to your jug; turn it on and set the timer to 25-35 seconds. Start the machine and set the timer. Don’t wait for the cream to come out, because it won’t. But, if your standards aren’t too high, it will do—so, pour this brew into your cup and enjoy a delicious blend of strong coffee.

If you want, you can pour your milk into the jug, press that little button for your Latte or Cappuccino and wait till it froth the milk.  It is a hassle-free and simple way to make a quick cup of creamy coffee, without the blasting hot water and pressure from espresso machines.

The verdict

If you are a hard-core espresso enthusiast, know that Keurig won’t make a cup of coffee that will taste as good as the one made from conventional Italian coffee machines. But, if you’re in for a quick macchiato, latte, cappuccino, or just a cup of strong coffee—Keurig will do.