nitro cold brew coffee

Nitro cold brew is probably one of the best cold coffee drinks available at the coffee shops. It is a unique cold brew preparation with small nitrogen bubbles that give the brew a silky smooth feel with a little acid tinge. It has a distinctive swirl when you pour, as the foam head settles.

But, this brew would cost you $4–5 on coffee shops! So, the best option is to look for cold brew solutions that could cost a hundred dollars. But, it doesn’t have to be that expensive.  If you want to enjoy a nitro cold brew solution that is relatively cheap and easy to make, read on.

Nitro cold brew coffee is infused with nitrogen. It is extra smooth because it doesn’t come straight from the tap. The process involves the release of nitrogen gas through a pressurized valve with tiny holes. It creates a smooth, creamy and clean effect on the cold coffee and a silkier mouth feel. You don’t need to add sugar and cream because it already tastes sweet and creamy. Some coffee shops also sell nitro cold brew in a can.

Here’s How to Make a Nitro Coffee

Do you like to recreate the creamy and sweet taste of nitro cold brew coffee? To enjoy this delicious brew, you need coarse ground coffee and the main tool, a whipped cream dispenser plus nitrogen cartridge. You also need a filter paper, mixing spoon, water pitcher and a jar with cover.

First, make a cold brew coffee by pouring the coarse ground coffee in the jar and adding water on it. The amount of water depends on your desired concentration. But the ideal ratio is 1 part coffee and 10 parts water. Stir and mix the solution, cover it and let it rest for up to 18 hours.

Second, filter the brew using the filter paper and pour it in a whipped cream dispenser. Close the lid and attach the nitrogen cartridge. Shake it until you see the creamy texture. Now, you can enjoy a cup of nitro coffee!

Nitro Coffee Recipes

Here are some cool recipes you can try with your nitro coffee. Just follow the basic steps above and make sure you are using one of our recommended cold brew coffee makers – it will certainly ease off the process.

Amaretto Freeze

If you like to enjoy your cold coffee but at the same time relish a delicious after-dinner drink, try this recipe.

Mix 4 1/2 cups of frozen yogurt, 1 glass of your homemade nitro coffee brew, ¾ cup amaretto, 6 tablespoons Kahlua and 1 ½ cup ice cubes. Blend it.  Then, you can top it with whipped cream. That’s it; you can enjoy your own Amaretto freeze! This recipe makes 6 servings.

Amaretto coffee can lighten anyone’s mood, as it tastes like a little bit of heaven on earth! But, remember to check what coffee is best for cold brewing before you jump into this recipe. 

Fresh Mint Nitro Coffee

A lot of people love their peppermint mochas! But, don’t you know that even though you‘re not Californian, you can still use mint leaves in your favorite cold brew?  While you can just put real, green mint leaves on top of your freshly poured coffee, it would taste a lot better if you make your own mint syrup.

If you don’t have pre-made mint syrup, you can do it yourself. Just mix 1 cup of water, an equal part of sugar and ¾ cup of fresh mint leaves and 1 tablespoon of vanilla in a saucepan. Heat it over medium heat until it boils. Refrigerate overnight. Strain out the mint leaves.

To make your fresh mint nitro coffee, you need at least 3 tablespoons of mint syrup. Pour it over the ice cubes, and then add a glass of your nitro coffee. You can add cream or milk. Then, top it with fresh mint leaves.

Nitro Coffee Beans

Today’s modern society is inundated with cold coffee. The cold, caffeinated beverage is now a high-profit product of specialty cafes as it reminds the public of a hot summer day.

But, while the nitro process improves the flavor, don’t be fooled, this is simply cold brew-with regular coffee and water. You can use various types of coffee beans and improve the taste with a little innovation on your part. For a better presentation, you may allow your cold brew to flow from its casual pitcher into taps. Coffee shop owners use a different tap installed into bars and make a huge profit out of it.

How Much Caffeine in Nitro?

The amount of caffeine in a nitro cold brew may not be as strong as hot coffee—that is, if you compare the 250mg caffeine content of a 12 oz. Pike Place with the 150mg of caffeine in a Starbucks Doubleshot On Ice (12 oz).

How Often Should You Brew Nitro Coffee?

If you’re a fan of Starbucks, consuming a small-batch of cold brew infused with nitrogen means ingesting 245 milligrams for a tall serving. And, if you’ll choose a grande, that means 345 milligrams of caffeine in one drink. Since doctors recommend that it is best to keep your caffeine intake to a maximum of 400 milligrams in a day, then one shot would be enough. But, if you like to enjoy your homemade nitro coffee, you can reduce the amount of caffeine, so you can consume a few cups a day.

Is Nitro Coffee Healthier?

Nitro coffee is for people who are cutting down on calories. With its sweet, creamy taste, you don’t have to add sugar, cream or milk anymore. Since high sugar consumption is associated with diabetes, heart diseases, and other ailments, nitro coffee can be a good alternative to avoid these adverse effects.

Whether nitro coffee is good or bad for you depends on your consumption level. So, stick to 400 mg caffeine to avoid caffeine addiction and caffeine-induced anxiety. Caffeine is a stimulant that can cause sleep problems and other related conditions when consumed on high amounts. But, when consumed on recommended amounts, coffee can be beneficial to your health, as it contains anti-oxidants and nutrients that could help you prevent Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is Nitro coffee healthy?

Nitro coffee has the same benefits as an average cup of coffee – studies have shown health benefits from protecting against dementia to reducing the risk of heart disease. As nitro coffee is made with the cold brew method, it also has less acidity which is good for those with a sensitive stomach. Furthermore, as nitro coffee is naturally sweeter and creamier, you’re less enticed to add cream and sugar. So, compared to a creamy latte with a spoonful of sugar, nitro coffee is much healthier.

What does Nitro coffee do?

Nitro coffee affects your body in much the same way as regular coffee (making you feel more awake and alert) but to a greater extent if it contains more caffeine. Nitro coffee also creates a richer, creamier texture in your mouth thanks to the small gas bubbles infused into the liquid.

How much caffeine is in Nitro cold brew?

It depends on the manufacturer, but at most it can be up to 30% more caffeine per ounce than regular cold brew. A Starbucks Nitro cold brew contains approximately 17.5mg of caffeine per ounce, for example.

Is coffee good or bad?

Holy hell, that is one hardcore exaggeration of an article.

That said, it's probably healthy asking questions and challenging the norm. Right now coffee is probably in a place where it's mostly regarded healthy and with limited drawbacks, and thats the way most research is leaning towards. There are several recent studies that've concluded that coffee is a pretty healthy thing.

I'd disagree with it being similar to smoking, and research conducted on smoking in the 1900s, as most of that were done under subpar circumstances, and was frankly, bad psedu-science.
We've learned from those mistakes, and there are several universities, sources of data and researchers that've done independent work on the health effects of coffee.

It might be worse than what most people are claiming it to be right now, and it's held in a high regard in todays society, but comparing to the deadliest substance is quite stiff.

How long does Nitro coffee last?

Nitro coffee will last for approximately 2 weeks if kept in an airtight container in the fridge. After that, it may still be safe to drink but will have lost some of its flavor. If it smells strange or is visibly moldy, don’t drink it!