javapresse manual coffee grinder

New boy on the block JavaPresse has im-Presse-d many people with their simple yet super effective products, like their manual coffee grinder. If you’re looking for a manual grinder, whether it’s to avoid waking the kids at 3 am or to be able to grind beans while camping or even just to tone up your arms, this is probably on your radar. It’s sleek, has excellent reviews and is capable of grinding everything from super-fine dust to gravel-coarse coffee.

We gave it a good testing, running through some of our favorite coffee beans to find out how it performed and whether it is worth buying.

About JavaPresse

The focus at JavaPresse is all about happiness and creating happy moments. Those moments are, of course, fueled by great coffee. Cheesy marketing spiel aside, this is a great and reliable brand to buy coffee ware from, including grinders. Contacting customer support is straight-forward and they’re very active on social media if you need a question answered quickly.

Launched only in 2015 (a meager amount of time compared to the likes of Hario 1921 and KRUPS 1846) this new coffee brand creates modern, practical yet simple devices. They’re all about making your daily coffee ritual as simple as possible. The JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder is a perfect example of that.

JavaPresse Key Features

javapress manual coffee grinder image

This grinder is a 7.5-inch-tall slender cylinder that grinds (and holds the grinds) of about 2 servings of coffee.

Inside the sleek grinder tube are combo ceramic burr blades. Sure, they’re considered the best for grinding evenly without excess heat… but you can find many grinders with these conical blades in the market. What distinguishes the JavaPress Manual Coffee Grinder from others is the combination of these key features.

  • 18 click settings for different grind coarseness – other top-rated manual grinders, like those from Mueller and Hario offer similarly high levels of adjustability. No complaints here!
  • Quiet grinding (besides the unavoidable exclamation “ah, my arm is gonna fall off”) is 90% quieter than electric grinders.
  • Holds approximately 25g to 35g of beans in the “hopper” although it will depend on the size of the beans. It’s plenty for a large single serving or 2 average cups but you will need to grind in batches for larger coffee servings.
  • Ground coffee collects in a chamber underneath, without being bulky. The whole unit is one sleek cylinder that’s easy to store in cupboards, take in airplane luggage, fit into backpacks for camping, etc.
  • The hand crank is removable too, which is great for cleaning and storing.

What sets the JavaPresse apart is the ease of use. It’s simple but well designed and sleek. The cylinder design, stainless steel construction, and ceramic burr grinders are all superior in the coffee grinder market.


JavaPresse Design

Digging a little deeper into the design, you’ll be happy to hear that the inside mechanisms are as sturdy as the outer. The first manual grinder model from JavaPresse used plastic components inside that just couldn’t withstand daily use, especially on the finer grind settings (more on performance below). Luckily, JavaPresse has addressed this and any model you buy from now on has superior reinforced nylon that can withstand the pressure.

The stainless-steel handle and cylinder are easy to grip, although you might struggle with gloves on. The key is to hold the cylinder right at the center to make sure the top hopper part and bottom collection chamber stay firmly in place.

The winding motion is smooth and comfortable with only a little resistance. Nonetheless, your arm will start to ache for super fine grinds that require a lot of grinding.

Another great thing to note is that you can buy replacement burr grinders, nylon parts and spring components for the JavaPresse from Amazon. It’s not often that you can completely avoid the customer service nightmare scenario with very affordable replacement parts.

Grinder Performance

It’s quiet, of course, but surprisingly smooth too. There is some resistance when you’re winding the crank, but it’s not jerky and stubborn. You can comfortably have a conversation while grinding without straining to hear what’s being said.

Coarse grinds can take as little as 1 minute (although you need to put some elbow grease into it) while super fine grinds (the finest is too fine for espresso, even) can take nearer 10 minutes.

To change the grind size you need to take off the chamber at the bottom that collects the coffee and turn the dial. It makes a clicking noise for each setting, starting at a medium grind there are 9 fine grinds and 9 coarse grinds to choose from, which offers you a lot of choice. We were extremely happy with this and managed to find the perfect grind for the French press, espresso maker, Chemex, and drip coffee maker. We were on a serious coffee buzz by the end of our testing, but we’ve no doubt that the grinder can create the perfect grind for any coffee maker we didn’t get around to trying.

Using it is as simple as:

  1. Add beans.
  2. Attach crank.
  3. Turn crank.
  4. Make coffee.

The official unboxing and demonstration video shows you how in case the detailed instructions manual included doesn’t do it for you.


Final Thoughts


  • Very easy to use and select a grind.
  • Quiet and very precise performance.
  • Excellent design is perfect for traveling and home use.
  • Cleaning is simple – the base is dishwasher safe.


  • Doesn’t hold a vast amount of coffee (2 cups worth at most).
  • Inner plastic parts are prone to break and need replacement.

Considering the amazing performance, great design AND affordable price, we can’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t buy it. Of course, if you always need a large amount of coffee ground, then you’ll want a bigger model but for a cup or two a day this is perfect.

The plastic components might put you off at first, but rest assured they are sturdier than they look since JavaPresse updated the grinder with reinforced FDA-approved nylon. Up-keep is simple too. Running costs are simply the coffee you put through it. Replacement parts cost a fraction of the whole grinder price and with Amazon delivery, you can have them ready for tomorrow’s morning cuppa Joe.

It’s affordable, stylish and high practical.