At first glance, these pod coffee makers are identical. When comparing their main features, they’re almost identical to. So, are the K200 and K250 just a clever scheme from Keurig to make it feel like a new model, or are these genuinely discernibly different coffee brewers?

We put the Coffee Dorks team on it to find out. Researching these coffee brewers to find out what’s different on the inside was no easy job. The K200 has a proud place on Keurig’s website, although, they are pretty vague about the features it has and only offer 5 of the 11 colors advertised.

The K250, on the other hand, isn’t even listed! Which begs the question, why aren’t Keurig advertising the higher numbered (and by default newer and superior) model on their website?

So many questions. We didn’t find all the answers, but we did compare the coffee brewers to find out which was worth your money. Read the results below.

Keurig K200 VS Keurig K250 Comparison

 Keurig K200Keurig K250
keurig k200 single servekeurig k250
Dimensions8.8 pounds, 8.9 x 13.8 x 13.6 inches7.5 pounds 13.7 x 9 x 15 inches
Brew Sizes9 sizes10 sizes, 4oz to 30oz
Speed1 minute per cup1 minute per cup
ControlDigital touch screenDigital touch screen
Additional features

• Strength control
• High altitude settings
• Available in 11 colors
• Hot water dispensing
• Removable drip tray

• Extra water filters and descaling solution in the box
• Strength control
• High altitude settings
• Hot water dispensing
• Removable drip tray



We’ll start with functions. Both brewers have:

  • 40oz reservoir that can pump out 6 cups at a time.
  • A 1-minute brew time for a single cup.
  • An easy to use the digital touchscreen and 1-button start.
  • With K-Cup pods, you can brew 4oz, 6oz, 8oz and 10oz sizes.
  • With K-Carafe pods you can brew 3 sizes.
  • Strength control.
  • High altitude settings.
  • Hot water dispensing for tea, hot chocolate, and other beverages.

keurig k200 black

keurig k250 strong brew

Both are equally missing timers, auto-switch off and ground coffee compatibility.

The main purpose of both coffee brewers is speed and ease of use. Pop open the lid, push in a K-Cup or K-Carafe, change the setting if you’re not already on the desired brew size, and press the big, unmissable Keurig butter. The job was done in under a minute.

You can also remove the drip tray to fit in a travel mug or carafe: neither are included in the box, in true Keurig style you’ll need to pay extra for these accessories.

The high-altitude setting is self-explanatory. It allows you to brew comfortably at high altitudes. Why you would want to take this coffee brewer and a big bag of K-Cups up a mountain when it needs to be plugged into the mains, we do not know. But it’s nice to know it’s there, ready for when we need coffee on the go during the next Armageddon disaster.

Finally, let’s talk about the carafe sizes. Keurig coffee brewer sellers state that you can brew either 9 or 10 different brew sizes. However, after reading the manual of the K200 and having a go myself, it’s pretty obvious that there’s only 4 K-Cup sizes and 3 different K-Carafe sizes. Either their math is wrong or there are hidden settings that the Coffee Dorks team couldn’t find.


Overall, the taste was identical. When you’re using K-Cups with so much choice, you’re always going to find one that you like. So, each Coffee Dork tried out the machines with their favorite K-Cup and, surprise surprise found that the taste and flavor was identical.

The brew strength selectors weren’t fantastic, but it was good to know that if we came across a particularly weak K-Cup we could give it a boost.

If you’re a fan of Keurig, you won’t be let down by either brewer.

Convenience and Maintenance

Cleaning both machines was simple. The K250 arrived with descaling solution and spare filters in the box, which was a nice touch. The K200 arrived with none.

The reservoir, reservoir lid, and drip tray cannot go in the dishwasher. In fact, nowhere in the cleaning section of the manual are any parts labeled as dishwasher proof. They do however have some handy tips on cleaning the needle and unblocking clogs with a paper clip. It’s surprisingly practical and really doesn’t seem that difficult to do.

Warranty on both machines is 1 year limited. It’s not great, but both machines do feel sturdy and are simple enough that we highly doubt they will break down in under a year unless there’s a manufacturers fault.


The most noticeable difference you’ll see when comparing the models online before purchasing is the size. The K250 is supposedly bigger… but is it? Keurig are insanely unhelpful in that they haven’t written the dimensions of the K200 in any of their manuals or on their website. The K250 isn’t on the Keurig website at all.

Amazon sellers and reviewers have varying heights and widths, some are measuring when the coffee machine lid is open, other when it is closed.

Let’s clear it up once and for all.

Both coffee machines are about 13 to 14 inches tall, but you will need a 17 to 20 inches space for ease of use when opening the lid and putting in the K-Cup/Carafes.

The colors are cheap and cheerful. The K200 comes in 11 colors, but we’re yet to find a seller that can supply all 11. The K250 comes in mostly the same colors, but the most we can find from anyone seller is 7.

In the end, we had to stick labels on each machine to remember which was which. We made the mistake of testing both models in the Imperial Red color and genuinely couldn’t tell them apart.

So, we still aren’t quite sure what the real difference between these 2 coffee brewers is. The K250 is lighter and somehow feels newer. Perhaps it’s psychological, who knows. If you’re looking for reliability, go for the K250 which seems to please customer reviews more than the K200. But if you’re looking for a brewer that Keurig are confident in and will likely offer better support as it’s still listed on their website, go for the K200.

If you know the difference between these coffee brewers and have some thoughts to add, please get in touch!

Keurig K200

keurig k200 brewer

Keurig K250

Keurig k250 brewer