Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer CF092 Review

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer CF092 Review

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The Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System (CF092) offers versatile brewing, unique eye-catching minimalistic design, and some fancy features. Even though the exterior of the unit is mostly plastic, it is quite sturdy and durable.


  • Built-in frother
  • Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology
  • Auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence
  • Custom brew sizes
  • Clean cycle feature
  • Recipe book included
  • Programmable timer


  • Brewing temperature reaches 212 F
  • Bad customer service

The SharkNinja kitchen appliance company has been manufacturing a variety of food processing devices for several years now. But, they only cut the tape of the coffee market with the launch of the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System (CF092). Although, a bit towards the high end, the Ninja system stands out for its functionality, versatility, performance, and reliability.

As a coffee lover, I often experiment with my caffeine-based beverages. Over time, I have learned that most coffee machines offer the same taste, regardless of the type and quality of the beans. So, a good machine is one that offers versatile brewing, maintains coffee ground quality, and does not cost a fortune.


So, is this where the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer comes in? At first glance, the Ninja appears to be suitable for everyone, regardless of their coffee preferences. It also comes at a price that most coffee aficionados can afford. But, could there be something more lurking in the darkness, evading the naked eye? Let’s find out!

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CF092 Design

The Ninja is not the most elegant coffee maker out there, but it does not look too bad either. The machine is manufactured from black, thick plastic with some faux-chrome highlights. To put that into perspective, premium coffee machines are made from metal and glass, and for that reason, they are more expensive.

At 15 x 11.3 x 16.3 inches, the system is particularly large and is going to take up a lot of space on your counter. It weighs 12.7 pounds; so moving it in and out of storage might turn out into a weightlifting exercise. Especially, if you are not used to lifting anything besides the TV remote control.

However, considering the fact that the Ninja coffee brewer comes with a built-in frother, chances are you will be allotting it a permanent counter space for regular use.

The coffee maker is placed on a flat, trim pedestal. The unit boasts of a clear, touch-based control panel (including the power key and other buttons for the hot plate) that is easy to navigate. It comes with a permanent reusable filter, which is an added incentive.


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Ninja Brewer System Features

  • Café Forte
  • Built-in Frother
  • 6 Brew Sizes
  • Custom Brews – Classic, Rich, Over Ice, Specialty
  • Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology
  • Removable Water Reservoir
  • Motorized Frothing


The versatility of the machine implies you can attend to the personal tastes of all of your guests at a house party without having to worry about the quality.

This machine allows you to make both single serve as well as pot coffee. The six brew sizes give the freedom of choosing whether to make a cup of coffee for yourself in the morning or enough for your family, friends, and pets (just kidding).

In addition, this unit lets you select the kind of coffee you want. Be it Classic, Rich or Over ice, all you need to do is press the option on the side control panel.


The Café Forte and Specialty settings are signature brews. The former produces a complex, full-bodied flavor while the latter creates super-rich and concentrated coffee.

Unfortunately, the CF092 struggles to keep the brewing temperature around the 200 degrees Fahrenheit mark. In some cases, mostly towards the end of the brewing process (usually around 7 minutes for a full carafe), the temperature went as high as 212 degrees Fahrenheit. This often results in “overcooking” the grounds and a loss of flavor.

I was not too impressed with the frother of the Ninja brewer either. As a matter of fact, I can’t even consider this to be a legitimate milk frother since it does not even heat or steam the dairy. Instead, it just makes a buzzing sound while spinning quickly.


Like the critically acclaimed blenders from SharkNinja, this coffee maker continues to maintain the reputation of the company. Despite having mostly plastic parts, the machine is quite durable, as vouched for by customers. It comes with a one year warranty that includes coverage on material and manufacturing defects.

Ease of use

The Ninja bar brewer, being automatic in nature, makes life a lot easier for coffee lovers. All you need to do in order to make a certain kind of coffee is to select the appropriate option.

The unit comes with a glass carafe that prevents spilling while pouring the coffee so that you do not have to worry about messing your counter space anymore. The display buttons are easy to press and the options are written in large letters, making it reader-friendly.

Moreover, the brewing system comes with a user manual as well as a recipe book. This will guide you through several experiments in case you are not familiar with the process of making different kinds of coffee-based beverages.



This coffee maker has a self-cleaning feature that prevents it from getting clogged with coffee grounds. The cleaning notification ensures that you do not miss out on maintenance.

While the auto-clean feature will work on most occasions, you may need to take the unit apart and clean the parts manually from time to time. The Ninja can be disassembled and reassembled quite easily, making maintenance not an issue at all.

Final thoughts

Purchasing a brewing system is a big investment, and it is important to understand your needs before you go shopping. Coffee makers vary in quality, size, price, and functionality; so unless you are certain about the criteria that must be ticked, you will never find the coffee making system best suited for you.

The Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System is not the best-looking machine on the market. It is also by far not the cheapest, and it will most certainly take quite some space on your kitchen counter. So, if you want something smaller and cheaper, have a look at the Hamilton Beach 49980A.

It does make decent tasting coffee, but it is far from perfect due to the high temperature that the boiler uses.

This machine is worth considering only if the price drops closer to $100. The ability of the Ninja to automatically brew a variety of drinks in various sizes is what makes it a good fit. That is if you are not really able to tell the taste between premium and non-premium coffee grounds.

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