problems with ninja coffee makers

Are you planning to buy a Ninja CF112 or similar coffee maker? If you do, then you will find this guide useful. We have reviewed the most common issues with the Ninja coffee brewers and offered some solutions.

1. Ninja Coffee Bar Clean Light Is Always Turning On

If the clean light keeps coming on, then you might need to clean your coffee maker. Like all the other coffee makers, the Ninja Coffee bar needs regular cleaning. If it is never cleaned and always left dirty, it might break. The cleaning of the product depends on how frequent it is used. 

The coffee maker has a built-in sensor that could tell when the calcium buildup is affecting the working ability of the machine and it also affects the taste of your coffee. The best way to prevent this problem from coming up is cleaning it once every month. You can buy a descaling kit to remove the calcium build up or make one of your own. Regular cleaning of the machine will prevent the clean light from coming on often.

2. Ninja Coffee Bar Keeps Shutting Off – Ninja Coffee Bar Stops Brewing

The ninja coffee bar could shut off in the worst situations, especially when you haven’t finished brewing your coffee.  So, when it does stop, check if:

  • You have chosen the right brew. You might have pressed the wrong button.
  • Your coffee pot is dirty.
  • You need to restart it. If after hitting the right brewing, this continues to happen just shut it off and restart the machine.

3. Ninja Coffee Bar Leaking Water

Leaking water is just a minor problem. If it always happens to your coffee bar, then maybe the water reservoir has too much water already in it.

The Ninja Coffee has a line that indicates the limit of the amount of water that the reservoir can handle. Surely, if you only keep the water up to that line, then you’ll have no problem filling it up just right. However, when there are still leaks, despite putting the right amount of water in the reservoir, check if you have accidentally detached the reservoir.

4. Coffee Doesn’t Taste Good Anymore

The coffee taste is affected by many factors. If you’re having coffee taste issues, check if you’re dealing with the following issues:

  • Your coffee beans are no longer fresh. Remember that you can’t keep them in your cabinet forever. Those beans have a finite shelf life! Not storing those beans properly could also lead to losing tons of flavor because of oxidation and release of gases of the coffee oils. It also helps to buy the best coffee beans. Don’t settle for coffee with vague labels, when you can buy better coffee.
  • You’re using tap water. If it doesn’t taste well, filter it.

5. Ninja Coffee Bar Beeps 5 Times

If instead of brewing coffee, your machine just beeps, then you have a problem. But, if it continues to do so before the coffee is done; make sure that the filter mechanism is pushed all the way in and that the ‘drip stop’ is open. The beep often means that you have to adjust the brew settings.

Now that you know the common problems with Ninja coffee maker, as well as the easy ways to resolve them, it’s time to decide whether you should get one of your own.

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