The Saeco Picobaristo is a superautomatic espresso machine that offers a wide variety of coffee. You can make 11 different types of coffee with just a simple touch button.

This fast, timesaving machine comes with innovative technology that requires little maintenance and cleaning. The Picobaristo is equipped with the AquaClean technology filter that purifies water without getting into the hassle of descaling. The compact design makes this espresso machine highly desirable for small kitchens. This review will help guide you if it is worth investing in or not.

Picobaristo Features and Functionality

With 16.8 x 8.4 x 12.9 inches dimensions and a weight of 20.6 pounds makes it quite desirable for a modern small kitchen. The following are its features and functions:

  • AquaClean filter (8 included) for reducing limestone and to enhance the coffee’s aroma. The 8 filters can descale up to 5,000 cups of coffee.
  • Adjustable water hardness feature that helps you to alter the settings according to the water hardness of your region. It comes with a special strip that measures water hardness.
  • The control panel and display of this espresso machine are quite easy to use and consist of one-touch buttons for all types of coffee beverages.
  • Easy to navigate buttons: Escape, Ok, Up and Down buttons.
  • The “Menu/Special Drinks” button makes drinks other than coffee such as water or frothed milk.
  • The Aroma Strength Button adjusts the coffee strength according to your taste.
  • Coffee can be brewed with beans and pre-ground beans and has separate compartments for both that should not be mixed.
  • Coffee and Milk Volumes are also adjustable by pressing and holding the ESPRESSO button until the MEMO icon appears.
  • The Strength of the Coffee is adjustable using the AROMA Strength button and gives options from very mild to very strong.
  • Grinding settings are adjustable according to one’s own needs.

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The adjustable features and easy to navigate settings make the Saeco Picobaristo a convenient choice.

Some users have reported various malfunctioning errors while adjusting some of the features. You can read more about these reviews and complaints here.  

Saeco Picobaristo Performance

What makes Picobaristo stand out is its filtration system and its additional customizable features. Even though it is not revolutionary, you will be surprise how many espresso makers in this price range actually lack such features.

Making a drink is simple and easy, with a few button pushes. The coffee it produces is generally thought to have great flavor and aroma and has a fine layer of cream on certain coffee beverages.

It is very easy to clean however, it is found to be very loud, especially when the water is being pumped.

It works fine in the beginning but after the first 6 months, it starts being problematic. A lot of users thought the milk dispensing became inconsistent after some time.

The following tips ensure long-lasting performance for this machine:

  • Clean the milk carafe and milk frother on a daily, weekly and monthly basis for a clean and frothy cup of coffee. These need rinsing after use with lukewarm water every day. The parts need disassembling after a week and cleaning with lukewarm water. Finally, invest in Phillips Saeco milk circuit cleaner to prevent milk from clogging after every 30 days.
  • The brew group should be lubricated often in order to make sure that all the mechanical parts run smoothly. You can do lubricating once a month, every 2 months or every 4 months depending on the average cups you make every day.
  • The coffee funnel should be cleaned every week to make sure that coffee particles do not get stuck and hinder performance.

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Picobaristo Design

It comes in black color and comprises stainless steel. The accessories it comes with include: water filter, water hardness strip, cleaning brush and measuring scoop. Besides the water tank (which embraces plastic), the rest of the trays and main body entails stainless steel, which adds to its modern aesthetic.

The LCD display and screen controls make it look stylish yet simple, so it can be placed in any type of kitchen. The machine can fit under cabinets, but you require decent space at the top in order to open the water and coffee reservoirs to fill them. You should look for a spot in the kitchen where you do not have cabinets on top since it is a heavy machine and moving it, again and again, will be inconvenient.


  • 11 beverages with 1 button
  • Aquaclean filter allows filtration of water for each cup
  • Descaling is automatic
  • Ten grind levels are adjustable according to your liking
  • The spout is adjustable and fits cups that are as tall as 6.5 inches
  • Easy to understand and operate
  • Cleaning is very minimal comparable with other brands.
  • The Grinders embraces ceramic that eliminates the risk of overheating.
  • The strength of the coffee is customizable.


  • For plain hot water, the carafe needs removal and replacing with the hot water tray.
  • To empty the drip tray, the entire front of the machine comes, which can be heavy and inconvenient.
  • It comes without a cup warmer.
  • It comes without an automatic clock.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Same as most espresso makers, you want to make sure its clean. It does not have to be descaled monthly, as Saeco guarantee 5,000 cups.

The Saeco Maintenance Kit comes with a 2x descaler, 2x water filter and a service kit that costs only about $50.


One of Amazon’s Bestsellers and has got various positive reviews by a lot of customers. It is popular for its customizable features and, stylish design and low maintenance. It is ideal for a budget of $1500 as it is worth the money.

The quality of espresso that you can achieve with Picobaristo is really good.

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