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Nutmeg In Coffee – Spice Up Your Day

If you’re not a coffee purist, but you don’t mind adding an extra ingredient to a delicious brew, you might consider adding nutmeg for a different taste. This warming and delicious spice from the inner seeds of nutmeg trees are invading the coffee scene as...

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Can You Grind Coffee Beans In a Food Processor?

Do you know that you can get a nearly espresso-worthy grind with a food processor? Just use the processor’s medium-fine grind to work on your coffee beans for a few minutes until you reach the grind consistency of your choice. What Ground Should...

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How To Start Drinking Black Coffee

I started drinking black coffee when I was in my early teens. Perhaps it was a cultural thing since my family and our neighbors drink Barako or Liberica every morning to start the day. This traditional coffee bean can only be found in 2 provinces...

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How To Make a Dry Cappuccino

Have you ever tried ordering a dry Cappuccino? It has less steamed milk and less foam compared to a wet cappuccino while retaining its bold coffee taste and rich texture and flavor.What Is a Dry Cappuccino?                     Cappuccino is a...

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Does Liquid Coffee Creamer Go Bad

Coffee creamers, even the ‘non-dairy’ versions go bad. How long does it last? Let’s find out.Are there different types of coffee creamers?There are powdered coffee creamers that will keep in the pantry for at least two months after opening and liquid...

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Is Coffee Acidic or Basic?

Coffee is slightly acidic with a pH ranging from 4 to 5, with 4 being the most acidic. However, its acidity depends on various factors.Why is coffee acidic? Here are five reasons. As the coffee cherry develops on the tree – citric and malic acids are...

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