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Keurig K55 Review

Keurig K55 is certainly one of the simplest Keurig models to date. It does not have a spaceship-like touch LED screen, temperature control settings, high altitude settings, or even a clock. It also does not cost a fortune. But, wait, so why would I ever...

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How to Use Coffee Grounds Twice

For every cup of coffee, 10 grams of coffee grounds are roasted, saturated and extracted. The average American will drink approximately 2 cups of coffee a day (at least!). Already in 1 wee,k each individual coffee drinker has used 140g of grounds… and it’s...

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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Buying Guide & Review

This is by far the best-tasting coffee in the world. Jamaican Blue Mountain is also amongst the most expensive coffee beans available on the market. So, you must be extra careful if purchasing any, because not all Jamaican coffee is cultivated in the same way. NOTE:...

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Butter in Coffee – Here is How To Do It Right

Butter in coffee. Is it a real thing or just another crazy internet fad? Unafraid of a challenge, we (the Coffee Dorks) set out to put this interesting sounding beverage to the test. Spoiler alert: it’s pretty amazing! You can read about the science behind...

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Braun BrewSense KF7150BK Drip Coffee Maker

This is not Braun’s first attempt at a drip coffee maker. Most consumers give the BrewSense a 4 out of five-star rating. It appears to be most celebrated for its compact design. I wanted to see if it’s really up to standard so I can tell you if this should...

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Health Benefits of Espresso

Drinking espresso regularly could be beneficial to your health. Best served hot, this beverage is mostly known for its caffeine properties. Not many people realize that a shot of espresso contains more antioxidants than both green and black tea. Why are...

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