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Best Espresso Machine Under $500

In 2008, a new Mastrena espresso machine was made for Starbucks… at just under $18,000 per machine. Over a decade later, and some estimates put Starbucks’ new espresso machines at costing around $40,000 each. So, is an espresso maker that costs...

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Best Espresso Beans

After hours of carefully selecting a grinder for consistency. Weeks of experimenting with pounds of coffee beans to get the right grind coarseness. Thousands of YouTube videos watched to master your tamping technique. It all comes down to one extraction. And…...

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Pour Over Coffee VS Drip

What makes pour over coffee different from drip coffee? While both of them involve pouring water over coffee grounds and they almost look the same, these two brewing methods produce very different results. Pour Over Brewing MethodPourover is the...

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What Makes Espresso Machines So Expensive

The most expensive espresso machine could cost around $20,000, but do you really need to spend that much to perfect the master of espresso? Probably not.Also, the best is not always the most expensive, so you have to factor in the quality and other factors to...

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Best Programmable Coffee Makers For 2019

Some coffee connoisseurs have a bad habit of turning their noses up at programmable coffee makers. But not us at Coffee Dorks. Yes, there are some terrible coffee makers out there that produce cup after cup of tasteless brown sludge… but then...

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Nutmeg In Coffee – Spice Up Your Day

If you’re not a coffee purist, but you don’t mind adding an extra ingredient to a delicious brew, you might consider adding nutmeg for a different taste. This warming and delicious spice from the inner seeds of nutmeg trees are invading the coffee scene as...

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