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What is Coarse Ground Coffee

Coffee is coffee, right? Actually, picking the right coffee is not a straightforward task. Besides deciding on a coffee bean for the flavor, you also need to consider grind size/coarseness. Why Does Grind Size Matter? When it comes to making...

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Hamilton Beach 49981A Review

The Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker is elegant to behold. It looks like it belongs in a professional coffee shop, and we don’t mean Starbucks. With an adjustable tray, sleek stainless-steel, and mesh scoop filters that work with freshly ground coffee,...

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Ninja CF112 Coffee Bar Review

The Ninja CF112 has a built-in frothing arm, hot and cold functions, thermal flavor extraction technology, one-touch technology and much more. We set out with the mammoth task of reviewing the Ninja CF112 – read our first impressions and an unbiased review...

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How Coffee Went Global

Even though coffee was first introduced to Europe in 1615 by Venetian traders, it took another two centuries for the bean to begin cultivation outside of Arab lands. Up until early seventeenth century, the Arab nations had quite the monopoly on coffee. At...

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Keurig K-Mini K15 Pod Coffee Maker Review

Affectionately known as the K-Mini, the Keurig K15 single serve coffee maker was near the top of our list of coffee brewers to test in 2018. It boasts simple button controls, energy saving tech and, of course, great tasting coffee. But then again, what...

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Keurig K55 Review

Keurig K55 is certainly one of the simplest Keurig models to date. It does not have a spaceship-like touch LED screen, temperature control settings, high altitude settings, or even a clock. It also does not cost a fortune. But, wait, so why would I ever...

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