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Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig K575

We truly live in the age of the coffee renaissance. Coffee enthusiasts have so many options nowadays for at-home brewing machines, whether it’s an innovative pod-based system or a feature-packed traditional coffee maker. The only downside is that choosing...

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Home Espresso Machines

When it comes to comparing and evaluating espresso machines, there are three broader categories: semi-automatic, fully-automatic, and super-automatic. The first two types are pretty much impossible to distinguish from each other. They give the user more...

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Coffee Pods VS K-Cups

Single-serve coffees are incredibly popular nowadays, mostly because they’re convenient. Unlike traditional drip machines or home coffee makers, you don’t have to wait half an hour to get your coffee fix, you can be enjoying your cup in just a few...

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French Press VS Percolator

It’s easy to think that the future of coffee lies in machines, what with the coffee pods, fancy brewing systems, and endless gadgets taking the market by storm. In the face of all of this, two traditional brewing methods from the good old days are...

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Does Keurig Make Cappuccinos

Just this year, Keurig demonstrated once again that they are the leaders of innovative brewer designs by introducing a new coffee maker model.The K-Cafe™ Single Serve Coffee, Latte, & Cappuccino Maker still excels at brewing the same single and...

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Chemex VS Pour Over Coffee Brewing

With enough practice and skill, making your own coffee at home can taste leagues better than buying one from a coffee shop. You get to choose your own roasts and brew it exactly the way you like - and often in less time than it takes to wait in...

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