Bialetti Coffee Maker Review

Bialetti Coffee Maker Review

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The Bialetti 14-cup Coffee Maker is a well-designed drip brewer that combines no-fuss reliability with convenient features and a sophisticated look. It makes a rich, smooth brew and is incredibly user-friendly, making it a quality choice for a regular coffee drinker.


  • Easy to use
  • Three settings for coffee strength
  • 14 cups capacity
  • Elegant design


  • No replacement carafe
  • Glass carafe not very sturdy

bialetti coffee maker review

Bialetti Design

Bialetti is an Italian product that has quickly become popular worldwide. It boasts a sophisticated appearance that beats out a lot of other coffee makers with its stylish looks. However, this pot is not just a thing of beauty.

None of the brewer’s usability has been sacrificed for looks. It is a highly functional and easy to use machine.

The front of the Bialetti is black stainless steel, which is a nice change from regular silver steel. It has quality appeal and offers a more toned-down elegance. The stainless steel also beats out plastic in both quality and appearance.

This brewer’s water reservoir is completely viewable, so you’ll be able to see how much liquid is in the pot and how much you need to add. It comes with a glass carafe and a reusable basket filter.

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Bialetti design

Ease of Use

Utilizing standard features and technology, this brewer is completely easy to operate. Even its special added features cause no extra hassle or adjustment. The directions for filling the machine, choosing your brew type, programming the timer, and various other features are all straightforward and simple to follow.

The Bialetti features an easy-to-read gauge, with which you can keep track of water content. The display lights up when the brewer is in use, so you can read it in dim morning or evening hours without having to light up the entire kitchen or pull out a flashlight.

Turning the brewer on and setting the brew type is uncomplicated. All you have to do is push the button indicating your choice.

The Bialetti will also automatically stop dripping if you remove the carafe during the process, so you can steal a cup of coffee before the entire pot has been brewed. A few drips may escape, but not enough to cause any actual spillage or inconvenience.

The reusable mesh filter is easy to remove and clean—a nice step up from dumping soggy, grounds-filled paper filters.

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Bialetti Coffee Maker Features

This contemporary drip machine has everything you would expect from a high-quality machine today. It can be programmed up to 24 hours ahead to start your coffee at a particular time. So, after pouring your morning cup, you can refill the filter and water reservoir, and set the brewer to make a fresh pot to either greet you when you return from work or be piping hot when you crawl out of bed the following morning.

Another great feature on this brewer is the three coffee strength settings which allow you to choose how bold you wish your brew to be. The boldest setting allows the grinds to soak in the water a bit longer, but brewing is still swift enough you likely won’t even notice the extra few seconds.

bialetti features

This is a large pot, capable of making up to 14 cups of coffee, so it’s perfect for serving a crowd or keeping one or two heavy drinkers happily supplied. However, you can also set it to make a few cups at a time.

Though the Bialetti does not recommend making only one cup, the quality doesn’t seem to suffer even if you do want to make just one.

The Bialetti’s reusable mesh filter contributes to sustainability, and also helps you avoid those frustrating mornings when you realize you’ve already used your last filter! If you do prefer to continue using paper filters for any reason, though, you may also fit one (a basket-filter vs. a cone one) into the cup and use it that way.


As we mentioned earlier, this drip brewer takes only a few minutes to brew a pot of coffee, no matter which level of boldness you choose. A brief beep at the end of the cycle will let you know your coffee is ready to drink.

The brewer heats the water to a good, high temperature to make the best use of your coffee beans by pulling just the right amount of flavor from the grounds without over-extracting them. This also means the coffee you pour from the pot will be piping hot and aromatic.

This pot does not seem to have any performance issues. The carafe is not prone to drippage, the filter does not leak grounds, and none of the various settings seem to cause any disruption of function.

Coffee Taste

Now for the ultimate question. How good is the coffee brewed with the Bialetti machine? The flavor you’ll get from this brewer is rich and full. If you are moving up from an older machine, you’re sure to be impressed by the increased savor and strength this pot can draw from the same beans.

Compared with other drip machine brewed coffee, the brew you’ll get from this machine is good, even great. The texture is smooth, and the flavor is bold without being harsh.

Overall Durability

Bialetti has been making coffee makers, kettles and carafes for almost a century now. Their products continue to offer economic high-quality, and this drip machine is no different. Made of black stainless steel, plastic, and glass, the brewer is both durable and beautiful.

The carafe part of the brewer is more easily damaged, as it is made of glass rather than stainless steel. One good fall to a tile floor would probably do it in, and unfortunately, replacement carafes have not yet been made available.

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Brewing Speed

The Bialetti takes only 3 to 6 minutes to brew a pot of coffee, depending on how many cups you’re brewing and which strength you set it to.

Cleaning Mode

This brewer also offers a self-cleaning cycle. Regularly cleaning your drip coffee maker is highly recommended, and this feature makes it easy. The cycle is easy to set and run.

You can run just water through the machine (it will be heated in this cleaning cycle), or you can run a mixture of water and vinegar through the brewer to clear out any mineral buildup, bacteria or mold.

Warranty Information

Bialetti does accept returns if you’re not satisfied with your machine within 30 days of purchasing it. If your brewer is unused (in the original packaging), or if the machine was defective in any way, they will also cover return shipping charges.

It also has a 1-year warranty period, which is rather short, but fairly standard for similar products.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Bialetti 14-cup Coffee Maker is a high-quality product with convenient, easy-to-use features. It can make an impressive amount of coffee in a short amount of time, yet the quality of the brew does not suffer if you choose instead to make only a cup or two. It also fits well in our list of coffee brewers under $100.

This is also a sophisticated-looking drip machine that will add rather than detract from the aesthetic of your kitchen. Other than the lack of replacement carafes in case the glass one is broken, we can’t find anything to complain of. Compared with other similarly-priced coffee brewers and brands, the Bialetti honors its heritage by standing out as a bit above average.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Where are Bialetti coffee makers made?

All Bialetti coffee makers are designed in Italy, but not all are manufactured there. Some newer models are manufactured overseas in China or India. Several classic Bialetti coffee makers, like the Express Moka Pot, are still manufactured in Italy.

Is Bialetti going out of business?

At the end of 2018, there was concern that Bialetti would enter bankruptcy, but the company has managed to stay afloat of its debts since then. With the rise of the ever-popular pod coffee makers and competition from other Moka pot companies, Bialetti is certainly still feeling the pressure.