Black & Decker CM2035B Review

Black & Decker CM2035B Review

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The Black + Decker CM2035B is a simple coffee maker that does not stand out with any out of the ordinary features. It has a sturdy carafe, no drip feature and is reasonably priced under $50. It does, however, appear to have some issues with maintenance and performance after the first year has passed.


  • 2 year warranty
  • Drip-free spout
  • Looks stylish
  • Very easy to clean


  • No warning for maintenance
  • Inaccurate strength settings
  • Tends to break after a year

If you’re not fussy about your brewing system or you’re simply looking for an affordable coffee maker that will still impress you, I may have your solution here. It’s the Black & Decker CM2035B coffee maker. This unit has all the basics without the unnecessary features that skyrocket the price.

Let’s look at all the good and not-so-good characteristics, so you can make an informed decision whether this is your next kitchen appliance.


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Performance & Functionality

Black & Decker kept it simple but added just enough features and functionality to help me keep a smile on my face.

The CM2035B is a practical solution for any time you need coffee because you can adjust how many cups are brewed, even as few as 1-4. And if you’re in a hurry the ‘Sneak-a-cup’ feature will stop the brewing until you place the carafe back on the plate.

These kinds of features make this a practical drip coffee maker for your home or the office.

We found that this machine does not always live up to our mediocre expectations. While its thermal carafe does keep coffee hot for long, it’s nowhere near the advertised eight hours. If you want to keep your coffee hot for the morning, it should suffice.


Not everyone will be impressed by the taste. But, if you use a premium blend coffee, this affordable machine can actually turn up a decent brew.

To a certain degree, the decent taste can be attributed to Black & Decker’s Evenstream Showerhead technology. This feature allows the CM2035B to wet the coffee grounds evenly, and therefore, create a better aroma extraction process.


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Brewing Time

It takes around 15 minutes to brew a full carafe. This is why the “sneak-a-cup” feature is useful and necessary. It allows you to remove the carafe at any time during the brew and pour yourself a fresh cup, while the machine automatically shuts off the rest of the brew until the carafe is placed back on the plate.

So, brewing a cup can take as much as a minute. But, the overall brewing time is slow when compared to other drip coffee makers.


Of course, no matter the features or price, you still want your machine to look great, right? This unit looks as good as many other models in its class with a metal and black plastic outer casing. Sleek lines make for a minimalistic style that should fit with your current décor.

And it’s as practical as it’s sleek. I love that the designers made large buttons instead of the minute switches many modern machines have. You can clearly see what to press, and they’re located at the front, so they’re easily reachable.

All components can actually be accessed quickly and easily since the carafe is taken from the front while water & coffee is added at the top. Simply place it where there’s enough clearance on top.


  • Dimensions: 8”(W) x 12” (D) x 13”(H)
  • Weight: 4lb
  • Water capacity: 12 cups
  • Carafe: Stainless steel



As with many machines in this class, it’s made of plastic and metal parts. It’s also great that the carafe is made of steel and not glass like some others, so it’s more durable.

Because many parts can be placed in the dishwasher, you know this isn’t a delicate machine.

However, it doesn’t live up to all its promises. Many users claim that the CM2035B breaks down or malfunctions within a year of purchase. It’s not a high-end machine and its lifespan shows it.


Which of these features are the ones that will make you buy it?

  • Vacuum sealed: Because the carafe is sealed tight, your coffee stays hot for longer than in many other machines.
  • Perfect Pour: The spout design prevents coffee dripping after pouring your cup.
  • Customizable: Programming is made easy with the QuickTouch functions. You can adjust the strength of your next brew, picking between:
    • Regular
    • Strong
    • Bold
  • Informative: Know how long the coffee has been standing by glancing at the LCD display. This fresh brew timer can count up to 120 minutes.
  • Auto features: For ease of use and saving energy you can use the Auto Brew and Shutoff functions. You can also program it to have coffee ready when you wake in the morning.
  • Sneak a Cup: Pull out the carafe even in the middle of brewing. The filtering will stop for 20 seconds so you can pour a cup.

Ease of Use

As mentioned above, it’s fairly easy to operate thanks to the large buttons and easy access to components. But you’ll also love the various indicators that help you get it right every time:

  • There’s a clear indicator for the appropriate water level with the expertly designed water window
  • When coffee is ready a light will go on
  • You can see whether the coffee is still fresh enough to drink (depending on your personal preferences) by looking at the brew timer
  • Buttons with specific functions help you save time on lengthy programming:
    • One button regulates strength
    • The 1-4 button makes it quick and easy to brew small amounts of coffee



And here’s the part many of us don’t like, right?

Yes, as with most brewing systems you need to descale it occasionally. The downside to this machine is that it doesn’t give you a notification when to do this. That’s something lower end machines tend to miss.

The manufacturer recommends you do this once a month. To do it is fairly easy. Simply mix vinegar and water & let it brew through the machine. Afterward, do the same with clean water to remove the vinegar completely.

The rest of the machine is a dream to clean:

  • The carafe’s wide mouth means you can easily clean it by hand with soapy water
  • You can even pop both the brew basket and carafe in the dishwasher
  • The exterior is smooth enough for easy wipe downs
  • The brew basket can also be washed with soapy water

Simply remember not to use corrosive cleaning items, because you don’t want to scratch the beautiful metal surface.

Final Thoughts

This is a mid-range drip coffee maker and it performs as such. It looks nice, it makes 12 cups of coffee, but according to people who have had it longer than a year, I also break easily. Considering the price, however, it is not a bad investment. This is why we have featured it in our list of top coffee makers for just under $100

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