BUNN GRB Velocity Brew Review

BUNN GRB Velocity Brew Review

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The BUNN GRB Velocity Brew is another attempt at a simplified coffee maker. This machine is not programmable and it does not deliver artisan-style brew. Even though it is easy to use, you might not be too happy with the price tag.


  • Relatively fast brew
  • 3-year warranty
  • Good brewing temperature


  • Many models start leaking
  • Not programmable
  • Too pricey for its lack of features

With the BUNN GRB Velocity Brew, the designers focused on giving you a fast solution in bulk, so you can make up to 10 cups of coffee at a time.

Note that this is not a fancy machine with many adjustable features. But what it does, it does relatively well. It’s the quick simple answer I was looking for.


BUNN GRB Performance & Functionality

What are your expectations for a coffee machine? If you want a simple solution, the GRB Velocity Brew could be it. You simply turn it on and it makes your brew.

If customization is your preference, this may leave you with too few options. And it’s not programmable, so you can’t cue your coffee in advance. Check out our top list if you need a more features-packed coffee maker.

The difference between this and the NHS model by BUNN is that the GRB is more suitable for heavy use. Meaning, it can make a pretty good addition to an office. It is also a few bucks more expensive in comparison to the NHS Velocity Brew.

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How do you ensure every sip of coffee is full of flavor? All the aroma must be extracted from each coffee ground by getting all grounds efficiently wet.

With the GRB model, the engineers tried to ensure this in two ways:

  • There is enough interaction between water and the grounds. How? By designing the filter’s bottom flat and wider than most other machines’.
  • The multi-stream spray head distributes hot water evenly across the grounds.


Taste is further enhanced by the quick brewing time. Did you know coffee can get bitter if it steeps too long? Since this is a quick process, you’re assured of tasty coffee always.

The one area it may be disappointing is if you prefer your coffee super strong. The quick process means the water drains through the grounds fast. This could mean your coffee is not as strong as when using some other brewing machines on the market.

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BUNN GRB Brewing Time

Here’s why the GRB might make its way to the top of your kitchen appliances’ list – it is the fastest coffee brewer on the market. Not many other brands can boast that their drip coffee makers can produce 10 cups of coffee in a few seconds short of three minutes.

If running late is a habit of yours, this coffee brewer can help you break it.


This is not the most aesthetically pleasing machine on the market, but it will still suffice in fitting with the décor in most kitchens. The exterior is mostly made of black plastic with stainless steel and silver detail. The glass carafe has a nostalgic classic look that brings back memories from 1950s movies with Marlon Brando.

It’s also functionally designed since you can reach all the important parts easily:

  • The brew basket and the water reservoir on top
  • The switch in front
  • The carafe’s handle in the front at the bottom.


  • Dimensions:1”(W) x 13.8” (D) x 14.8”(H)
  • Weight:8lb
  • Water capacity: 10 cups
  • Carafe: Glass
  • Tank: Stainless steel with thermostat

While many users appreciate the water that’s always hot, some consumers are concerned about safety risks. The tank does have a thermostat to regulate temperature, but it’s not a fail-safe system.

The other design flaw may be the flat heating plate. There are no lines or textures that keep the carafe from moving during brewing sessions. You must be careful not to accidentally knock the machine. This could misalign the carafe and brewing basket, causing coffee to mess everywhere.


Let’s face it. Plastic is not the most durable material you can use. It may feel cheap when using it for the first time, but I would suggest giving it a chance. Other features are worth it.

The glass carafe can of course break if used too roughly, but this is the case with most coffee machines.

BUNN GRB Features

Let’s get to some of the selling points on this simple machine:

Unique Spout: You don’t have to fear to make a mess any longer, because the spout guides the coffee into your cup, instead of it dribbling down the side of the carafe. The dribbles that do occur are actually reverted back to the carafe, so they’ll never reach your kitchen counter.

A large amount of coffee: 10 cups of coffee is a substantial amount, making this a practical appliance for both home and office.

Flexibility: You decide how much coffee you want to be brewed. Pick anything between four and 10 cups.

Always hot: Enjoy a hot cup of coffee at any time, because the machine keeps water hot inside right through the day. The moment you tell it to brew, the liquid will be at the right temperature to start.

Fast brewing: You can pour your first cup of coffee only three minutes after switching on the machine.

Ease of Use

BUNN requires a unique setup process before you start using the machine. This is to ensure the internal water tank is completely filled with water so it can push added water through the brewing basket.

This is a no fuss machine. Brewing your coffee only takes one button. All you need to know is:

  • How much coffee grounds are needed, and
  • How much water gives you the ideal coffee strength you love.

Add these ingredients, close the brewer and turn on the machine.

However, take note that the carafe must align perfectly with the filter holder to prevent leaking during brewing.

GRB Velocity Brew Cleaning/Maintenance

Unfortunately, you can’t simply put all parts in the dishwasher, but they’re easy to clean by hand.

You’re supplied with a de-liming spring which should be used every 60 days. This will vary according to how often you use the machine.

Final Thoughts

No, it’s not the fanciest coffee machine on the market. It does not make artisan-style coffee, and it is a bit overpriced. For this price tag, a coffee brewer should at least be programmable.

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