can cold brew coffee go bad

Cold brew coffee can last up to 14 days. But, don’t expect to be able to tell by the bad smell. In my experience, don’t try it if it has been sitting around for 2 weeks.

At the very least, the cold brew will have an acidic and sharp taste. Save yourself the disappointment!

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee          

Slowly steep your ground coffee beans in water for 24 hours. Strain it to separate the grounds from the liquid. As a result, you’ll have a flavorful and strong, cold brew coffee concentrate with a shelf-life of 2 weeks.

The easiest way to make cold brew is to buy a coffee maker that is specifically designed for that. Since the market is full of such brewers, you can make your life easier by checking out our top 8 carafe based brewers.

How Long Does Cold Brew Last in the Fridge?    

If you want to get the best taste, consume it within a week. When the week is up, just throw out the rest, because bottled or otherwise, it’ll be stale and you wouldn’t want to drink it. However, Stumptown claims that their bottled cold brew could last about 14 days.

How Long Does Cold Brew Caffeine Last?    

If you keep a cold brew in your fridge as an undiluted concentrate, it will last for two weeks. But, the flavor quality will degrade after 7 days. If you dilute it in water, it may taste like crap in 3 days!

But, what happens to the caffeine content in your brew?

Your regular coffee contains more caffeine than your cold brew cup. The hotter the water, the more caffeine is extracted out of the coffee beans and into your coffee. That means more caffeine dissolves at a hot temperature.  Cold brew is made with cold water, so it implies that cold brew contains less caffeine than hot coffee.

The question is—if cold brew coffee contains 2 times more ratio of coffee to water than a regular cup coffee, does it mean you’ll be taking in more caffeine than conventional cups? Find out how cold brew compares to iced coffee!

No. before you drink cold brew concentrate, it is advisable to dilute it with an equal part of milk or water to bring the caffeine level down.

What Happens When It Goes Bad?      

After a week or so, your favorite caffeine kick begins to stale. While drinking old coffee may not make you sick, unless it is rancid, it will start to lose its aroma and flavor.