cold brew latte

There are some coffee lovers who think adding lots of milk and perhaps a sweetener to a cup of Joe is practically sacrilegious. However, combined with sweetened condensed milk, smooth cold brew coffee makes a delicious drink. Cold brew latte has rich diary sweetness with a note of caramel to give you a wonderfully refreshing beverage.

Traditionally, lattes are made using espresso, but for this special drink, cold brew coffee works wonderfully. It’s smooth and rich yet with less acidity and bitterness than the standard hot water brewed coffee.  You can confidently use cold brew coffee to make your sweet latte as there is no risk of diluting the drink.

Ingredients You Need

The latte ranks among the most favored and iconic espresso drinks because of its frothy foam topping. So why go to an expensive coffeehouse and pay for a latte when you can easily make one at home anytime? You will need:

  • 1 cup ice
  • ¾ cup whole milk
  • 4 oz espresso
  • Optional sweetener of choice.

Cold Brew Latte Preparation

  • Fill glass with ice, pour in freshly brewed espresso.
  • Pour in the milk and sweetener into your mason jar, to ¾ full.
  • Tightly seal the jar, shake, shake, and shake.
  • Pour the foam into a glass with the espresso and ice.

So next time you need a nice strong cup of Joe but cringe at the idea of a hot drink, why not try a cold brew latte. This is an excellent alternative to that regular cup of hot coffee and is certainly more economical than any store-bought coffee beverage. The condensed sweetened milk and a chocolate hint lend this drink a special touch.