Mr Coffee Cafe Barista Review

Mr Coffee Cafe Barista Review

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Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista is a great choice if you have a budget of up to $180. It is also an excellent espresso machine for espresso and latte enthusiasts who are not looking at perfecting the craft. This machine makes a decent shot of espresso, but it is not comparable to the higher quality units that cost in excess of $500.


  • Very reasonably priced
  • Very easy to use
  • Automatic milk frother
  • Adjustable coffee strength
  • Easy to clean


  • No consistent brewing temperature
  • Clogs by finely ground beans
Specs & Features
Width8.86 inches
Depth11.2 inches
Height12.6 inches
Product Weight (lbs.)10.37
Boiler MaterialStainless Steel
Boiler DesignSingle Pump
MaterialStainless Steel
Steam WandAutomatic Milk Frother with Mini Wand

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista offers a fully automated coffee-making experience at quite an excellent price point. The unit has an impressive range of features for an espresso machine that costs under $200.

It can pull your espresso, steam your milk and create cappuccinos or lattes with the push of a button. The milk container is easily removed and can be stored in the refrigerator. It offers a quick and easy way to get your perfect morning cup.

mr coffee cafe barista fridge ready

Considering the price, though, you do have to wonder how good it is. It comes in at a more reasonable price than some semi-automatic machines so in this post we will look at how it really stacks up.

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Performance/ Functionality

Cafe Barista comes with a simple range of features and, for an entry-level machine, it does pretty well. You just add water, coffee and, if you like, milk and the machine does the rest at the push of a button.

If you like a quick cup of coffee or a latte first thing in the morning, this might be the perfect option. It operates quickly and does an excellent job of bringing the milk up to the right temperature. The fact that the milk container can be taken out and stored in the refrigerator is a definite plus.

Because everything is automatic, it is not possible to have much customization, and some users have said that the machine while doing a passable job, is not going to create the espresso shot of your dreams.


Let’s be honest here, brewing the perfect cup of coffee does take some skill and it’s not something that is so easy to replicate. On the plus side, though, the machine does take all the hassle out of creating coffee drinks.

It is perfect if you just want to put in the grinds and go. So, while it may not be ideal for a coffee connoisseur, it is good for someone who just wants a basic cappuccino or latte in the morning without a lot of effort.


The Cafe Barista does not look bad, but it is not going to win any style awards anytime soon. It will blend into the background quite nicely but lacks the polish of machines like the Delonghi. Still, you are not really buying it because it looks good.

mr coffee cafe barista in red

The machine is larger than some of the other alternatives and so does take up a fair amount of space. It’s not the right option for a very small, cramped kitchen. The larger size is necessary, though, it’s the trade-off that you need to make to have a fully automatic machine.

The milk tank can be easily removed, and the machine has a wand built-in to make short work of steaming. The fact that you can easily store the unused milk in the refrigerator is great for those who prefer to minimize waste.

The portafilter is pretty standard, and the only work that you really need to do is to choose whether you want a single shot or double shot (By choosing the right filter basket) and then click the filter into place properly.

It is sturdily built and should last well. The handle is nicely rounded and a convenient size – it’s robust enough to give you something grab hold of but not so big that it seems out of place.

The moving parts in this machine are well-made and sturdy.

The drip trays can move moved so that you can use small cups or large ones as you choose. They are easy to remove and clean. What could be better is if they had some indicator to let you know they were getting full.

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Ease of Use

mr coffee thermoblock technology

I always recommend you have a quick look at the documentation that comes with the espresso machine. Especially, if this is your first one.

Using this Mr. Coffee; however, is rather easy. Switch it on or off at the side and then just choose whether you want an espresso, a cappuccino or a latte. Alternatively, you can choose from some of the manual functions.

To get a single shot of espresso, hit the button once. To get a double shot, hit it twice. If you want to lengthen the brewing time, hold the button for a total of three seconds. The water will then run until you hit the button a second time.

If you want to steam your drink manually or clean up the wand, just hold either of the other buttons for three seconds in the same way.

You can also reduce or increase the amount of froth in your drinks by adjusting the relevant dial – use more milk to make a latte and less for a cappuccino.


The coffee tastes good normally, but the results might not be as consistent as you would like. If you like a strong espresso, this might not be the right machine for you.

The automated function of this machine does make it something worth looking at. It’s not going to make flawless coffees that have a really robust flavor but it the coffee is drinkable. If you have just started making espresso at home, this model is going to be ideal.

It does the hard work for you and is a nice price as well.

The automated features will not work for you if you are very particular about your coffee and want more consistent results in terms of taste.

What it boils down to with this model is how much work do you want to have to do and how much money do you want to have to spend.

If you consider yourself a coffee aficionado, it would be better to buy something that has more features that allow you to customize your blend. You are unlikely to get the most out of this machine because you would not really use the automated settings anyway.

While it is convenient to have the machine mix your cappuccino or latte for you, it is also simple enough to do this on your own.

If you want to be able to have a quick coffee on the go, the automated options are quite a nice factor.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Does Mr Coffee Cafe Barista make regular coffee?

You can make regular coffee, the Barista unit holds a metal filter.

How do you use the Barista coffee maker?

This is not a regular coffee machine, so we suggest you read our full review and lear how to use it properly.