Did you know that you can use your Nespresso machine for more than just coffee? Nespresso doesn’t have their own hot chocolate pod product, but many other third-party brands have jumped in to fill the gap. The most popular Nespresso-compatible hot chocolate pods are Podista and CaffeLuxe, but there are dozens of others getting in on the game as well.

Hot Chocolate and Virtuo

While there are a lot of options for hot chocolate pods for your Nespresso coffee maker, there is one major problem: most of the popular ones are only compatible with older Nespresso machines and not the VirtuoLine.

However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy a delicious hot cup of cocoa with your Virtuo, the old-fashioned way.

Preparing Your Hot Chocolate with Your Nespresso VirtuoLine

Ingredients and materials

  • Nespresso VirtuoLine
  • Milk
  • Chocolate squares
  • Cup or mug


Step 1 – Pour milk of your choice into the jug up to the minimum level, around 100mL or 3.4 fl oz.

Step 2 – Place 15g or 0.52oz of chocolate squares into the jug.

Step 3 – Make sure the lid is closed securely and press the start button on the Virtuo.

Step 4 – Serve in a small cup or mug.