We truly live in the age of the coffee renaissance. Coffee enthusiasts have so many options nowadays for at-home brewing machines, whether it’s an innovative pod-based system or a feature-packed traditional coffee maker. The only downside is that choosing between coffee makers is a huge challenge.

In today’s blog, we’re going to pit two of the best coffee makers on the market against each other to see who really comes out on top. The Ninja Coffee Bar CF112 Single Serve System vs the Keurig K575: what’s the difference and which is the better home coffee machine for you?

Ninja Coffee Bar VS Keurig K575 Comparison

 Ninja Coffee BarKeurig K575
Product Imageninja coffee bar comparison to keurig k575Keurig k575 comparison to ninja coffee maker
Coffee CompatibilityGround coffee onlyKeurig 2.0 licensed pods
Serving SizeFour single-serve sizes, plus 10-cup carafe and half-carafe optionsCup, mug or carafe — 4 to 30 ounces
Brew TypeDark and light roasts plus 3 types of concentrate for iced and specialty coffeesDark and light roasts plus anything that fits into a pod
Water Reservoir50 oz80 oz
FrotherIncludedNot included
Dimensions15.0"W x 15.3"D x 16.3"H10.4″W x 13.4″D x 13.6″H
MaterialGlass, plastic and stainless steelPlastic and stainless steel
Features• Permanent filter
• Brew strength control
• built-in hot and cold frother
• Recipe book
• Touch screen
• Reusable filter
• Customizable brew strength
• Menu in 3 languages
ReviewFull reviewFull review

Product Material & Design

Ninja’s CF112, much like the other models in the Ninja Coffee Bar System product line, combines glass, plastic, and stainless steel for a durable build. It sports a retro look, but it’ll look great in any home. The Ninja is slightly bigger than the Keurig K575 and will take up more counter space.

The Keurig K575 also uses plastic and stainless steel like the Ninja but has an aesthetic on the complete opposite side of the spectrum. Featuring futuristic-looking curves, the Keurig is sleek, modern, neat, and compact. It’s also more portable and lightweight than the CF112.


ninja coffee bar vs keurig k575

Ninja Coffee Bar might be a traditional drip-style coffee maker, but it’s loaded with amazing features that make it really stand out from the rest. This single-serve brewing system has 5 different brewing options that, thanks to the patent-pending Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology, makes the perfect cup of coffee every time:

  • The standard traditional drip coffee.
  • A silky, smooth, strong brew that can work well with milk or creamer.
  • Brewed to the perfect strength to serve over ice without tasting watered down.
  • An espresso-like coffee concentrate for cafe beverages like lattes or cappuccinos.
  • Cafe Forte. Brings out the subtle notes and flavors for a coffee that can be taken black.

The CF112 model also comes with a built-in electric milk frother so that you can create your own specialty drinks at home.

keurig k575 comparison

On the other hand, the Keurig K575 is a fast-brewing pod-based system that has changed the way we drink coffee. It’s extremely convenient and practically hassle-free since you don’t need to mess with coffee grounds, filters, and complicated settings. Just pop in the K-Cup (a pre-made capsule containing the coffee), press a button and get ready to enjoy your coffee. The K575 also allows you to choose between single-serving and carafe sizes.

This new model boasts temperature control, different strength settings, and even a programmable auto-timer that prepares a pot of coffee for you every morning.

Ease Of Use

The CF112 is one of Ninja’s entry-level, user-friendly machines. Unlike many modern coffee makers with interactive touch-screen menus, Ninja Coffee Bar sticks with an easy-to-understand button and dial interface.

It operates on Auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence which draws the perfect amount of water depending on what brew type and serving size you select so that you don’t have to worry about having the correct coffee-to-water ratio. The machine even comes with a precise scoop to help you measure out the coffee grounds into a disposable paper filter or the included permanent mesh filter.

While the CF112 is certainly easy to use, no other machine beats the convenience of the Keurig. You control the serving size, brew type, and even temperature settings on the machine’s 2.8-inch full-color touchscreen panel. The K575 comes with the largest water tank on the entire product lineup so that you can brew up to 10 cups of water without having to refill it.

Brewing Time

Both machines are single-serve brewers, so you can have a steaming hot cup of coffee in just minutes. The Keurig K575 is slightly faster at 3-5 minutes, while the Ninja Coffee Bar clocks in at 6-8 minutes for a cup.

Serving Size

The Ninja Coffee Bar CF112 can serve coffee in multiple sizes for the classic, rich, and over ice settings: cup, XL cup, travel mug, and XL multi-serve (ranging from 9.5oz to 18oz roughly). The specialty setting produces a coffee concentrate at 4oz while cafe forte comes in an 8oz serving.

Depending on the setting, Keurig can make coffee at a huge selection of standard sizes (4-10oz), travel mug sizes (12-16oz), and carafe options (22-30z).


The Ninja Coffee Bar CF112 is a non-pod-based coffee machine. It combines a drip brewer, espresso machine, and even a milk frother all in one, so you can create specialty beverages. You can brew any coffee you want, including ones you’ve roasted and ground yourself at home. This gives you virtually endless options for your morning cuppa joe.

Keurig has several K-Cup partners that produce coffee pods that are compatible with their machines. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of flavors to choose from, from a wide variety of brands including Starbucks and Tim Horton’s. If this is still too limiting for you, you can purchase the Universal My K-Cup, a reusable coffee filter that lets you brew any coffee using your Keurig.


Because you have more control over the kind of coffee you use and how it’s prepared, the Ninja Coffee Bar CF112 produces great-tasting coffee, brewed to your personal tastes and preferences. The Rich setting, in particular, is known to make extra-bold, extra-strong coffee, while the Cafe Forte setting is perfect for those who like their coffee black but full of flavor.

The Keurig, on the other hand, has been criticized for producing weak-tasting coffees. However, this still largely depends on the kind of roast you get, as well as the settings you choose. There are ways to make your Keurig coffee taste much, much better.

Choosing The Best Coffee Maker For You

It all basically boils down to what your priorities are. If convenience and speed are the most important factors for you, a pod-based system like the Keurig K575 will save you lots of time and hassle. If versatility, flavor, and flexibility are what you’re after, then look no further than the Ninja Coffee Bar CF112.

Ninja Coffee Bar

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