Saeco Intelia Deluxe Review

Saeco Intelia Deluxe Review

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The Intelia Deluxe HD8759/47 by Saeco does not come cheap. But, if you are passionate about espresso, and really insist on perfecting the craft of artisan coffee, this machine is a good fit for you.


  • User friendly
  • Stylish design
  • Temperature settings
  • Milk streaming control


  • Pricey
  • Not friendly to oily beans
Specs and Features
Width:10 inches
Depth:17.3 inches
Height:13.75 inches
Weight:26 lbs
Reservoir Size:53 oz
Boiler design:Thermoblock
Boiler output:1850 watt
Warm Up: Brew Time1 minute 15 seconds
Bean hopper capacity:10.6 oz
Material:Stainless steel & Plastic
Grinder settings:10
Pre-brew aroma control:Yes
Temperature settings:3
Waste container capacity:10 servings
Warranty:1 year

The Saeco Intelia Deluxe is a one of a kind espresso machine with its sleek design and interactive features. If you are one of those people who can hardly function without a nice, hot cup of coffee in the morning, this kitchen gadget is a must-have.

The Intelia Deluxe is easy to use, partly because of its cool front panel LED display, coupled with electronic controls. With these kinds of control features, preparing a shot of espresso is as easy as one, two, tree.

Once you have customized settings to your desired taste, it only takes one touch to brew a rich and aromatic cup of coffee.

The Saeco Intelia is a fine machine, built with the average espresso drinker in mind. It is Italian, which means that a lot of precision was used in designing and building the machine. It is made of stainless steel, which is a classic combination of beauty and durability. Beauty because of its smooth surface, and durability since it is well known that issues with rust are no existent with stainless steel surfaces.

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Intelia Deluxe Main Features

Let’s get started on some of the main features that make this machine a superbly crafted piece of technology.

Quick Heat Boiler

If you don’t like to wait around for the water to heat up, then this machine might be right for you. Even though I agree that patience is a virtue, I also think that having a freshly brewed coffee within 2 minutes is also a virtue. Especially, if you need your dose of caffeine first thing in the morning.

Milk Carafe

Have you ever heard of a cappuccino without milk? I know I haven’t. Frothed milk is the icing on the cake when it comes to the process of preparing a nice cup of cappuccino. This built-in milk carafe froths the milk before pouring a nice, splash-free layer on the top of your cup. This gives your coffee that extra foam that comes with a sweet, rich aroma. The best part is, you can set the exact temperature you want.

Ceramic grinders

The Saeco Intelia Deluxe features ceramic grinders that create a coffee experience full of flavor. Depending on the kind of beans that you are working with, the machine can be adjusted a number of different ways.

Did I mention the grinders are built-in and adjustable? A total of 10 settings allows different users to brew different types of coffee according to their preference. This makes the Saeco unit perfect for larger households.


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Easy to clean

The Saeco Intelia is made of stainless steel. Just like many stainless steel products, it is hassle-free when it comes to cleaning it.  Before using it for the first time, it is recommended for the machine to be rinsed with fresh water. When it needs to be cleaned, a pop-up message appears.

The brew group needs to be cleaned once a week. Removing it and rinsing it with clean water is easy. But, you also need to remember to lubricate it once after every five hundred brews. As you clean all these components, do not forget that the carafe also requires being cleaned regularly. This is imperative to prevent milk residue from building up in the system.

Do not worry, the whole process of cleaning most of these components can be achieved by a dishwasher.

Additional features

There are some additional features that come with the Saeco Intelia:

  • Internal water tank
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Cup warmer
  • Energy-saving mode function
  • Automatic shut off function
  • Comes with a water filter
  • Measuring spoon is also supplied with the machine

Specs & Features

Let us take a quick look at some of the specifications defining the Intelia Deluxe.

  • As mentioned earlier, it is made of steel. To be more specific, the casing and the boiler material is stainless steel.
  • Weighs at about 20 pounds
  • Measures at 10 inches in width and 13.75 inches in height.
  • Runs on 1850 Watts and 120 Volts
  • It is programmable with regards to the shot time, temperature, and dose.
  • The boiler design is Thermoblock
  • A cup clearance of about 4.5 inches
  • Has a water tank capacity of 50.7 pounds


How to use

Due to its sophisticated look and stylish design, one may think that only users with prior training can use this espresso machine. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is fully automated, meaning at the touch of a button it does everything. Thanks to its LCD screen, you can view the instructions you are giving the machine.

There are buttons for every adjustment and selection, with different symbols signifying various functions. You can say the big task here is to know what the symbols stand for. Here is how to make a simple cup of coffee in four easy steps.

  • Fill the water tank with water. The tank is located behind a panel at the front of the unit.
  • Ensure that the beans are in the hopper.
  • Under the dispensing spout, this is where the freshly brewed coffee will pour from, place your cup.
  • Lastly, push a button and see the magic happen.

Intelia Deluxe Advantages & Disadvantages


Just like any other machine, there are pros and cons that come with the Saeco Intelia Deluxe. Time to take a look at some of these advantages and disadvantages.


  • It is user-friendly. Equipped with controls that are easy to spot and understand, even the average coffee lover can enjoy a cappuccino.
  • It comes with additional controls that are used to change the temperature, volume of water and strength.
  • Has an attractive LCD screen for easy display.
  • Stylish look. No one wants an ugly coffee maker.
  • Gives the user a bit more control when it comes to milk streaming options. This includes converting milk into a clean froth without compromising the original taste.
  • It is suitable for both domestic and commercial use.


  • Be careful not to use oily beans as they can be a problem for the grinder. This problem is evident with most automatic espresso machines.
  • If you like your coffee black and simple, then this might not be the machine for you. It specializes in brewing fancy, but simple cappuccinos.
  • You may have to dig a little bit deeper into your pocket to get yourself this espresso machine. In comparison to other similar products, the Saeco Intelia is an expensive product.
  • There is a lack of control in the milk frothing process.


The Saeco espresso machines come with a one year warranty. This warranty covers the grinders as well as the coffee makers.

Optional accessories

Before we conclude, there are some accessories that you may consider getting alongside the machine to make the experience of making coffee a bit better.

  • Saeco maintenance kit
  • Saeco Brita Intenza. This improves coffee taste and should be replaced every two months
  • Saeco Espresso machine Descaler. This comes in handy as it ensures the coffee flavor is maintained. Don’t forget that 98% of your coffee will always be water. As such, it is the single most important ingredient. Descaling the machine will ensure the removal of accumulated minerals that play a role in altering the taste of your espresso.
  • The machine Descaler should be accompanied by a water hardness testing strip. This measures the level of concentration of minerals in the water.
  • Cleaning brush. It can reach where our hands can’t. Makes the cleaning process easier.
  • Milk frother.

Final Thoughts

Intelia Deluxe is a good fit for average Joe espresso drinkers as well as espresso aficionados. The features that are at your disposal should be enough to satisfy anyone who refuses to spend hundreds of dollars on coffee houses.

One thing that can be improved is the milk frothing process. Sometimes the froth comes out a bit too watery for my personal liking.

The grinder being built-in means that its functionality is limited. Using oily roasts continuously may cause the grinder to get clogged over time. This, unfortunately, is a reoccurring issue with the majority of home espresso makers.

Being fully automated means that efficiency is the order of the day. However, this does limit the flexibility of the machine. Especially if you are an aspiring barista. You might want to look into semi-automatic machines like Breville’s BES870XL, which is an excellent choice.

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